Treated Horribly

Last June I worked with my Psychiatrist to get off my meds just to see how I would do. I wrote a book on how to deal with symptoms but the one thing I didn’t cover was mania. So I end up at Memorial Hospital. They locked me in a small room with a bed for 2 weeks giving me only breakfast. I was then sent to the State Hospital. I was attacked 5 times… and nothing was done to the people who attacked me. I yelled about my rights and I would get thrown into the seclusion room and given a shot of stuff that made my skin burn or would give me seizures. I was there for 5 months and had about a whole hour worth of counseling. 5 months and they gave me meds that I do not normally take. I had to yell to get the right meds. It was the worst Hospital stay I ever had. 5 months of crap.

Sorry man, this is why I don’t go to hospitals


The moral of the tale seems to be to stay on meds if they’re working.


I’m sorry you had such a rough time. Stories like that keep me on meds.


I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience in the hospitals.
My experience in the psych hospital was no better.

As a matter of fact it was traumatic!
I still have nightmares from it.

Are you from the States @Tirisilex?

Damn… What country are you in? Maybe you can report the hospital? I don’t know if that works for state hospitals. Can you get other patients to corroborate the hospital’s “treatments?”

I live in New Hampshire. I’m looking to fight being on a CD. I wasn’t being delinquent at all. I was working with my doctor to see how I would do off my meds. They are treating me as if I had done something bad. They slapped me with a 2 year CD. I have to take my meds in front of someone every day. I cant take care of my own money. I’m not allowed to go out of state. If I mess up in any way they will throw me back into that hellhole.

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Yep, she lives in the U.S. Figures.

Sorry that you were treated so badly. Court orders suck, I know. Just soldier on through it! Good to eat enough electrolytes to minimize the akathisia, too.

Find a passion that gets your mind off the illness and let the time fly away, before you know it the court order will be over and you can switch to oral meds.

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