Traumatised by bullies at work

I enjoy work but always end up being bullied by one or two colleagues. This generates a lot of psychosis and mental instability. I’m stuck again in the same boat again. Usually leadership don’t do much. I really wish I can work for my own and do things on my own matter.


I’m sorry @Wayne, it seems that you bit lack of support here…
I can’t tell you much, read about your situation…
Maybe a smile and kindness to them, although they are bad guys could help getting rid of their contact with you…
I know it’s hard, but you are there only for your benefit…

Is there any way you can avoid them? Or is the interaction a crucial part of work?

I would say, that ultimately, what they think about you does not matter. Your focus should be on the quality of your work. However, I know this doesn’t help the emotional fallout of dealing with such behavior. Try to stay strong.

What people say ends up saying more about them than anyone else. Sorry you’re having to deal with these people.

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I think you should focus up on your work and not pay any mind to these people.

They’ll always be there,

At every job,

Every social event,


Time to beef up your coping skills.

Leadership isn’t there to handle social problems,

They’re about business.

So I’d stop discussing it with them,

It just makes you look whiny.


imo wat you put out sometimes

comes back

like a boomeran

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Right, right.


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So karma is why your G and H are missin. Makes sense

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i tink tat joke is finised lon ao

Is no joke is karma

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i didn’t mean karma read bk

Thanks for the nice comments and tips. I will try to ignore them. I think the social reason is because they want control and dominance of the team. They might see me as a threat.

It might be that in social settings, rumours came through my old team and infected my bullies in the current team to continue what I previously have escaped.


If you can try to ignore them or talk to a manager about it too

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I don’t believe in karma. But I do believe you reap what you sow.

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It’s very difficult to ignore them when they spread lies about you, compete for every task to get the upper hand and turn people against you, or show when you are in a bad position

you reap what you sow is karma in different words


If it’s a large employer they know they can be in big trouble if they ignore legitimate harrassment. If you work for a big employer and you have complained without them taking action, the odds are that it’s a workplace disagreement or personality issue and not bullying. Most of what I’ve seen people call bullying at work over the years has not risen to that standard.

I work with my team members but I do also compete with them. If there’s only so much for raises I prefer a 6% raise for myself rather than 3% for each of us. I strive to provide better value to my employer to earn the bigger bonuses and better promotions. That’s how business works.


Competition is different for many people. Some might bring new ideas :bulb: to the table while others compete by setting traps :mouse_trap: for others. It’s a good point you brought. The problem is catching these traps or just avoid these people.

No the consequences and actions of reap what you sow can be positive OR negative. Karma is not the same.

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Lets all leave the karma debate alone, folks. This is about workplace conflict, not religion.