Trapped, in this awful place

I am trapped in this shithole until i die in some awful way.

It’s going to be painful.

This really sucks.

I can’t believe people keep doing this ■■■■.


Hang in there. It’s your depression talking. We are all going to die eventually. Why not create while waiting? Paint or music. Or maybe dancing?


Thank you, comatose. Your words lighted my life up. I am usually upbeat but still depressed from time to time and worried about the unknown future. I am so grateful to your lighthearted comment.



pansdisease i don’t get up every morning and say to myself,
" what am i doing for the next year, or six months, i just think about what i am doing in the next hour or so…then i try to do something that i like, eating , drinking coffee, saying something funny on here ( well i find it funny !! if no one else does ! ).
there must be something in your life that is not complete rubbish…work from that point and add more things that you like doing…
take care

Sleep is good, i have that although if i don’t ingest poisonous substances everyday ill never sleep again.

I live in a home, but not for long, it’s not solid.

No, not much to enjoy or look forward to really.

I thought i had family once but that turned out to not be true.

No, almost nothing at all really.

Although i can say alot of things that don’t happen, but that isn’t really logical so it doesn’t count.

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okay then lets work from there,
you have sleep which is a good thing in your life, that’s good.
you have a home at the moment , that is still a positive.
lets try and add a food that you like eating or your favorite colour.
when you wake up tomorrow morning after doing something you like , sleeping,
maybe have your favorite food for breakfast, even if it is pizza, and really enjoy it.
look at your favorite colour, and then find something else you love doing and do it.
take care

Pansdisease, I am not a 100% positive person but I still want to have a try on you.
You have a life after all this illness plus these dreadful side effects of meds. So be grateful that you are still alive, have a stable condition, have an online forum where you can socialize, and have a home to contain all your belongings. With this limited health you can breath the fresh air, feel the cool breeze and rain, look at the blue sky, listen to new music, watch the neighbors walking their dogs across the front path of your yard, and read new threads on this forum and probably news on other sites about the events like FIFA 2014 to feel the excitement and stress those players were experiencing…

Anyway, the life you still have is beautiful !


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