Wish I had more of a life

Just thinking about how I wish I had more of a life. Things get depressing a lot of the time.


Look, the highlight of my life right now is making a toad habitat out of supplies from Home Depot and the Salvation Army. You have to just make the magic where you can.


I’m completely down in the dumps today too.

It’s because you only have two arms, isn’t it?


Yes. How did you know. I’m down in the dumps because I can only hold 2 light sabres. Wut?


I got that question right

I’ll be super content if i find a compatible girl. Most everything else is kosher

Resistance is keeping you from doing what you want with your life. When you eliminate the resistance from your life then everything will make sense.

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I wanna roll some doobs and float down a river.


Play a cello.






Draw and paint.


Become a good cook.


Be sick and poor for the rest of my short ass life?


Night time makes me very depressed. It might have something to do with the turning off the lights. I start thinking about how to make myself feel better and I always think of the word “work”. I have no life outside my house. Sometimes I go to YAP (young adult program) and hang out with people who also have a mental illness, but they seem to not take to me lately. Other than that, all my real friends always end up treating me like crap, mental illness or not. So I can’t let anyone else hurt me, which is why I’m on the internet. It’s safe here. At LEAST on this forum.

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I’ve been super paranoid lately and my brother told me that I can’t live my life like this.

He said that I was not living a life - man that hurts cause it’s true. :frowning2:

Same here. Happiness doesn’t always fall into our chest as we like. Most of the time we have to chase it,fight, resist, most importantly know that we can change our lives tomorrow. If we tried, and tried our hardest for results . Pursue our passions and. Persist until something happens. Fill your spirit with positivity 24/7. . Do good…expect greatness.

For me, friends and family make life worth living. I don’t have a job, I spend a lot of my time alone, I’m not very functional, I still have many disabling symptoms… But I have a few good friends and a family that cares, so it’s not so bad.

Can you go to college to meet people or is that not an option? What about work? I have to wait till august to go to schoolso I find myself at a sportbar everynight but I have never talked to anyone there… Kind of sucks :cold_sweat: