Towards a blood test for schizophrenia and bipolar


"This study developed potential blood-based biomarker tests for diagnosing and differentiating schizophrenia (SZ), bipolar disorder type I (BD), and normal control (NC) subjects using mRNA gene expression signatures. A total of 90 subjects (n = 30 each for the three groups of subjects) provided blood samples at two visits. The Affymetrix exon microarray was used to profile the expression of over 1.4 million probesets. We selected potential biomarker panels using the temporal stability of the probesets and also back-tested them at two different visits for each subject. The 18-gene biomarker panels, using logistic regression modeling, correctly differentiated the three groups of subjects with high accuracy across the two different clinical visits (83-88% accuracy). "


In my estimate in 3-4 years there will be a cure for schizophrenia!
Thank you for posting @twinklestars !


Seems too quick to go through testing, but hey, your lips to God’s ear, my friend.


A blood test in a few short years would be good.


Holy cow thats not practical.
50 yearl could be the cure…!!!


There will never be a cure


Was up @Manonmoon …!!! Have u started working in a job…!!!


I think if they hit a marker it’ll be pretty quick the implementation. That may take 1-5 years but curing schiz should still be a goal that we can reach in my lifetime!

I’m soon to be 48 so late for me but good for you youngsters!


Thats a positive side of you @rogueone…keep hoping…


I don’t hear voices hey so I’m ok don’t need a cure but I guess some people really suffer


Do u work…!!!


No far cry I don’t had a bad psychotic episode from anti deppresents that hurt my mind so can’t function the best


What anti psychotic do u take @Manonmoon…


Nothing at moment far cry what you on


Rispredal and seroquel…!!!


Poor far cry are you diagnosed schizophrenia


U haven’t answered my question, what about lowering ur meds as u were talking last week?


@GentleSoul sorry brosky…!!! I was lil busy…!!

I will lower it down from 3 mg to 2 mg … then i will think about 1mg…!!! My appointment with my pdoc is soon…!! Within a couple of weeks…!!

I will let u know dont worry…!!!


Ok good good! Ive lowered my meds from 10mg of abilify + 25mg of seroquel to 2,5mg of Abilify + no more Seroquel and i am feeling better. I dont have delusions or hallucinations and never had so that’s not a problem. Only time will tell how i am going to be in a few months or years. Negative and cognitive symptoms are very much present but the negatives less so since diminishing my meds.


Hey belgian hero… i wont lower my seroquel … i need 25mg seroquel to sleep…!!! Do u sleep good…!! I was highly insomanic before seroquel … that is sure have caused sz…

If i was medicated on time … i could have avoided sz… leave it bro … I still hope for effective medication in the future…!!!

Do u fallow world cup…???

Belgium is also playing in world cup…