Towards a blood test for schizophrenia and bipolar


So yeah since diminishing my meds i have been feeling better. But i am still very much disorganized, suffer from insomnia and have a hard time cognitively performing.


My sleep is definitely not great. I am gonna follow the world cup and cheer for Germany!!


I have almost all cognitive and negative symptoms… i cant concentrate … i cant focus…
I cant learn new things i cant remember what i read…!! Its tuff life for me…!!!


Cheer for belgium … its ur mother land… isnt it…!!!


Same about the cognitive symptoms. Remembering new things, learning new stuff, focusing and paying attention is very hard.


What about concentration … are u able to hold concentration for long time…!!!


Not really no. And reading is very complicated.


I think within 5 to 7 years we will gonna get few medication for cognitive and negative symptoms

have to tell u that i dont have positive symptoms only disorganised speech…!!!


Same. Only disorganized speech. Its driving me nuts.


I believe we have what is called disorganized schizophrenia.


Do u think effective medication will be available in our life time…!!!


I should hope so. But to be frank i have no idea.


If they can diagnose schizophrenia but don’t have a cure … probably a lot of babies diagnosed with schizophrenia will be aborted. It already happens to babies with Down syndrome. About 92% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. If it is true they can diagnose us when we are still a fetus we may end up being one of the last generations of people with schizophrenia to be even 1% of the population. In future generations we will be like .1% of the population instead


This is not a prenatal test. I’m not sure how practical one would be, hypothetically in the future, because while genetic factors are highly predictive, there are still environmental factors. So the interaction of a person’s genes and environment. You could potentially have genes that put you at risk and go either way based on other stuff that happens to you in the womb, in childhood, etc.

In adults, or preteens even, you might get better results.

For some prenatal tests, like Downs, it is possible to use a simple blood test in the mother because it is a chromosomal defect. So if the mother doesn’t have Down’s syndrome, but the chromosomal abnormality is in her blood, (mother and baby share blood supply) the baby has Down’s. But that is not the case with schizophrenia, it’s not a chromosomal defect. To look at the baby’s genome before birth, you would have to do an invasive amniocentesis, which can be painful and risks miscarriage. Most pregnant women don’t opt for that kind of testing unless they are high risk.