Touchy topic

Hi guys i asked this question like a year or two ago, but I got some spare cash to spend, now the vivid picture of ganja has been hanging on my mind… WHyyyy

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Smoke it. Go into psychosis for a year. Then remember how sh^t it is.


Marijuwana is never good for sz…plz don’t somke them…

Because it likes to tease you into believing that there is nothing wrong with all your money going up in smoke.

It’s not a good idea for me personally, but I know people it does help.

Save ur money and feel good just by thinking u feel good u might want that money for entertainment while u feel good instead of spending it on something to make u feel good

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I don’t unde3stand these things. How can one smoke weed if u sick. Its like asking to enter the gates of help and be withdrawn from society. If u actually got problems and want to get better why would u even consider it.

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