Totally spaced out and forgot if I took my AP

Should I risk it and just take another one to be sure? I’ve done it before and sometimes doubling my dose can make me pretty groggy the next day…but I may have not taken my dose at all. I’m a ditz :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:



Also, any helpful tips to avoid this in the future! Thank you !

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Are you sure there’s no way to tell if you took the med? Med box? List?

How many hours have elapsed since the time you were supposed to take the med?

Or you could count your pills. I’m on samples so it’s easier for me to see what’s been taken.


I’m pretty sure I took it. It’s been about an hour since I think I took it…I just have a horrible memory. I need to start tracking my meds better. But counting my pills is a good idea! I should know how many I should have

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That was easy, I counted my pills and I have exactly what I should have if I have already taken my AP. Thank you! I’m good.


I have to count my ativan to keep track of it, otherwise I’d probably take way more than I should and run out.

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I use a medication box, and I fill it once a week per a medication list. Thing is doctors are always adding meds and taking away meds, so I have to keep my list current.


That’s probably what I need to start doing.

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I went through a forgetful phase and had to get a pill box. There’s no confusion with a pill box.

I have depot now, but I have a pill box with several compartments for morning/night/afternoon for supplements. I also have my alarm on my phone set 3 times a day so I don’t miss any.

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Yes. That’s what helps me keep track of whether or not I have taken my med’s. It’s wonderfully simple and wonderfully effective. By all means. Use a med box.

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I have a timer cap on my pill bottle. It counts up from the time the bottle was last opened. That tells me if I’ve taken my pill yet or not.


@Bdon I use a pillbox and set alarms on my phone so I don’t forget.
I also mark it down on my phone after I take my dose.
I would not double up on the dose.

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Maybe take half a dose. I sometimes forget whether or not I injected my insulin before bed (I’m a type 1 diabetic). If I double dose myself theoretically I could die, but realistically the hypoglycemia would ruin my whole day.

That sounds awesome, where can I get one?

That’s so cool!

Oh---- DO NOT TAKE!!!

Just take the other one in the right time as my pharmacist tells me. If you skipped a dose - it is one dose.
Hope you get a pill box though…

Ohhh your hair looks so cool =)


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