Took myself off meds

I know I know I’m a pretty big supporter of schizophrenics staying on meds but in this case I was worried bout the health of my unborn child so I took myself off my meds… I have been off of them for bout 2 months and I haven’t had a hallucination at all!

Did you talk to your OB about this?

You’re pregnant?? Congratulations!

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No but I did talk to a obgyn at a hospital bout it and he supposed it.

Yes I’m pregnant! And thank you!


For me, it was 3 months until I went psychotic. Be careful please.


I will be careful… I promise


Seems like something that should be monitored.


Its great that you are feeling well without the medicine.

During pregnancy I was the most sane and calm I’ve ever been,

Hormones can do amazing things.


Alright I’ll watch myself…

I don’t know much about pregnancy and meds but it would be smart if you consulted a doctor about stopping them. I don’t know what the general conses by doctors is about taking medication while pregnant. But it’s a huge decision that could impact both you and your child’s future life. I could say more but I guess it’s not my business.

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I appreciate the input actually. I have told one doctor and he was fine with it and even said he was happy I was thinking of my child and was the best as long as I stayed sane.

There are medications that can be taken during pregnancy,

They’re 100% safe.

I think @LED was medicated during pregnancy,

Maybe she can offer some insight.

You’re OB should be able to help you.

I don’t see the problem of staying off meds as long as I stay sane… I’ve stayed off them for most my pregnancy anyways so what’s the harm in staying this way where I’m not going to a pdoc and saving money and happy?

Because you can easily become not sane.

During pregnancy you shouldn’t make any changes that aren’t closely monitored by a physician,

I hope you’ll see your doctor regularly and get this sorted out.

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Hey, first of all, congratulations on the pregnancy!

If you need to go on a medication you could always go on haldol, or like me, olanzapine.

Hope you can get through it without medication, but remember when going through childbirth you’re at a bigger risk of going psychotic!

So you might want to set up a action plan with the various people and ask for a PRN drug to be available to you :slight_smile:

Have you had many pregnancy side effects? :slight_smile: my morning sickness was the worst haha.

Thank you. Before I went off my meds I almost lost my baby 5 times after the meds seemed to be out of my system things seemed to have evened out… I’ve had A LOT of morning sickness

Well I hope everything goes perfectly for you, are you a first time mummy? :slight_smile:

Morning sickeness was the worst, try ginger nut biscuits or b12 vitamins

I don’t know what to tell you. It’s never worked out when I tried to go off my med’s for any length of time, but you’re probably the best person to decide what is best for you. Have you been pregnant before? You might want to know how your med’s, or your lack of med’s, will interact with the post partum baby blues and other hormonal changes you’ll undergo.