I have supersonic energy today

I am undergoing medication changes. Lowering the Depakote till I am off of it in a few weeks. Raising the Lamictal - already raised the Risperdal. Today I woke up and felt so energetic - I did so many different things so far today.
I was walking faster, wore my cool shades and felt more confident. Im liking this feeling - It just dawned on me, I hope Im not getting Manic - yikes


I’m glad to hear your getting some bounce in your step. It sounds like you are having a good day. I’m glad to hear of you having a good one. You’ve been working so hard and being so patient… It’s good to hear that it’s paying off. :thumbsup: :smiley:

You deserve some good days. I hope more come your way with ease.

Thanks J. I was concerned earlier about it being mania, but things have settled a bit now. But I am enjoying the up day I am having - while it lasts :smiley: