Too much dang caffeine

I’m dumb, guys. Last night at like 10 pm I drank an energy drink for no reason, I just had one lying around and felt like it. I finished it at 2 am. Was up until 6 am. Around then I had a pretty bad headache and so took 2 pills excedrin out of habit. Fell asleep. Forgot excedrin has caffeine equivalent to multiple cups of coffee. Woke up an hour later with a bad anxiety attack. It’s been like 40 mins now. My heart beat is normal speed but very faint. I’m sort of dizzy and lightheaded and generally nervous. This is awful. I regret everything. Think I’ve got caffeine overdose @.@

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I did that last week with hot chocolate, was outside at work in the cold and could not stop shaking

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I’m not even shaking I just feel weird. Almost feels like there’s cotton in my chest too.

Also there’s caffeine in hot chocolate? Wa?

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Probably the sugar but same effect


If we were to be healthy we would not mess up with our health,

our brains took a hit and with it naturally everything automatically takes hit and goes down like


And yeah why aren’t we alive and kicking, for the same reason.

Without internet I would be in a hospital, probably dead because of anger / rage.

Because of internet I’m still alive.

Internet is your friend, kindly use it.

I guess, sometimes imagination starts with internet, atleast it’s true, as far as I’m concerned.