Too many worries

Every month about this time I run out of money…I have been borrowing against the next pay day with overdrafted checks for a few months now. I guess that’s what I have to do this month too.? I hate my life. I really do. I am too depressed to play my instruments and that’s not like me. I just had a birthday and kind of bought some things I shouldn’t have…poor management of money…that and buying the luxury of cigarettes…no more. NO more.

You have the power buddy. When you climb that mountain you’ll feel like you’ve done it.

Budgets are tight for the disabled.

Gotta quit smoking man.


@SoitGoes indeed, it looks that way. cigarettes are a heavy burden on this poor old man’s wallet.! I am going to lose my phone next month and don’t know what I’m going to do to afford a new phone…I have $40 bucks left and I have to go to the doctor Monday and give him all my money because I’m running out of meds…it’s not the pdoc. it’s my GP. I hate this.

What’s happening to your phone?

oh it’s a cricket phone and they want me to go to a cricket store but that is in the city and I am just going to go to go to Walmart eventually and get a new phone. May be months before I’m able to afford it…grrrrr.

Before I got sick when I was in college and lost my phone. Had to live with an iwireless phone. No contract. All prepaid cards. Was 5 cents a text, 5 cents a minute. Never called anyone. I’ve still got 10$ on the thing.

There are options. The phone was only 40$

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Not sure if any of these services will be of use to you. Reading through it, there are services that list prescription aid and utility aid.

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Just starting to get back to being good with money myself. Hope it works out for ya man.

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You’ll feel better and have more money if you can quit smoking. If you can’t quit, maybe you could cut back.

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