So I guess I'm quitting smoking

Outta ■■■■■■ money. Parents are broke, shits gonna suck

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hmm, I once went out of money a month back and all my friends were at the ■■■ end of their paycheck…I had to ASK MY PARENTS…somethign which i hated…but i cant live without smoke . sorry

Well something good gotta come out of shitty situations.


whats good in that?.

@MisterWaffles quitting smokes

I just learned today that if you quit smoking while on some APs like olanzapine or clozaril then the dose of those APs may need to be adjusted.

The withdrawals make symptoms a lot worse

Out of money? Hmm, that is tough. My expenses are extremely tight at the moment because I acrewed several hundred dollars worth of hospital expenses nearly three years ago. It’s still on my credit report, so I’m paying it off. I don’t want negative credit scores on my report.

Once that is paid off, the gravy train for me just might begin…

Smart thing to do.

There’s always double diamonds yum yum…oh ■■■■ im a bad influence