Tomorrow is the day that I'm 100% with my p.doc

i’m so nervous… I’m going to tell him about things that I’ve been experiencing and couldn’t admit to myself until recently… Wish me luck…

Also, has anybody had an experience where they recognized early onset psychosis and went to their p.doc before being hospitalized? If so please tell me what your experience was like


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Good luck! It can be a great relief to get these things off your chest and telling your pdoc about them is also a great step towards taking care of these things!

I did recognize my first episode of psychosis before getting hospitalized, though only after about half a year of being full-blown delusional. It wasn’t exactly early onset either, if anything, slightly towards the late end with onset at 25.

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When i was very young at first no. But since then I’ve had periods on and off. A period of being very very unwell and leading up to that I felt something brewing for quite a few months.

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I got diagnosed with early onset psychosis and because of this I was put on a low dose antipsychotic and avoided hospital. It was a blessing really


How were you diagnosed? I see a psychiatrist, and I only have a few minutes with her for her to check up on my anxiety and write my klonopin prescription. I finally told her about some of the things I’ve been dealing with and she said that it was anxiety… Even after telling her I walked into the completly wrong bank trying to withdraw money, and mistook my appointment date for another time and I also told her about my flat effect. She said she didn’t notice it, but that’s because I’ve only seen her twice. Both were extremely short visits and during the most recent she made me laugh and that’s why she thought I wasn’t flat or blunted. But I know that I am because my friends and some family tell me that and I can recognize it on the daily. I just can’t express emotion or when I do it’s very minimal… idk what to do… She says it’s also normal for me to see lights after looking at a light but I told her it’s just glancing not like I’m staring in a bright light, and she also said that its normal that I don’t realize that I’m dreaming until I wake up. But I also confuse my dreams with memories irl… Idk I just feel like she’s not taking anything seriously… I told her that I’ve been researching early onset psychosis and that every single symptom fits me besides hallucinations… No matter what I tell her it’s “anxiety” but it seems like it’s more than that

She’s not blowing you off or not taking you seriously - all of those things are not only normal, but it would be unusual not to experience them.

The absentmindedness is classic stress/anxiety. It is also very common, when dealing with stress or anxiety, to feel that you might be going crazy. Believing you have schizophrenia is rarely an indication that you have schizophrenia, but not an uncommon sign that you have anxiety.

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Ur doing exactly what u should good for you. If i had recognized my first psych episode i would have saved myself from full blown psychosis. Full blown psychosis did so much damage to my brain i currently cant think straight and function and its only been a year. You could end up better off than me. Sz ruined my life.

Good job on being 100% honest. I try to pay close attention because, in the past, my psychosis has snuck up on me very quickly. Best to address it at the first small sign.