Tommorow I am going last day to my therapist cbt


Will see what she can do


Good luck to you. Hope it goes well. :boar::boar::boar:


Do you feel like it’s helped you?


Are you going to find another therapist?


Today was my last day with my therapist too. We didn’t do that much. Sort of just went over everything I learned so far.


I feel it cost a lot … and I need to save money for holidays and studies


Good luck! I hope you learnt some good coping skills. I found CBT helped me with my self-harm. I no longer do this, and have much better coping strategies.


Hope it goes well. I’d love to stop spending money and stop therapy; unfortunately, I need it :cold_sweat:


i will go to update myself to her once a month, next year


she said i am like mad scientist becouse want to draw all the time and not rest :rofl:


Sounds good :hugs:. Good luck!


Let us know how your appointment goes!


How’d your appointment go?


I already told…


I didn’t see it…


Today I’m going to my second session of CBT
I am hopeful


My therapy is free


Free, Gratz!!! I’d be more inlined to go👍


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