My therapist is back!

My therapist is back, thank God! She took a month off to go out West and help her brother, who was struggling. She’s such a great lady!

I’ve been kind of struggling lately, and she got my head screwed back on straight. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without her when our time ends.


I wanted a therapist and I found 2, both charge me 100 euros for an appointment which is impossible to pay for me :sob:

You’re lucky, I hope she helps you on your struggles :wink:

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Thanks @Lenny . I am going to try to get the very most I can out of this experience. Mine charges $110 Canadian but she has agreed to give me a package deal, $1,200 for 12 sessions. I can only afford to see her every other week, but I’m giving myself 6 months to heal.

Then we’ll see

Sorry you can’t afford it, is there not something available through your medical system for free? The only way I can afford it, is money that I received from a car accident. I invested it in a GIC, and it comes due in a couple of weeks. Without that, I’d be screwed

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Nope there’s nothing available for free, I don’t get any disability things by the government.
The only disability thing I have is in college, where they allow me to do an extra exam if I failed the other 2.

There’s not much I need to talk with a therapist, I only wanted to solve my anxiety issues when I study, which is awful, it gets really bad when I start studying something new and I end up not taking full advantage of the time I spend studying, that’s my main issue.

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