Told my possible gf im sza

So i met this woman ive been texting, social media with and flirting with for the second date. I got drunk and spilled my guts to her about my MI story…a lot of it anyway. She STILL seems interested. Im in shock really. But im not sure if i should talk about it anymore unless she brings it up? Im kind of embarassed

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Well if she still is interested, I would not worry to much about it, good luck hope it works out for you


I think it is best to be open about it. Of course that’s easy for me to say because obviously my husband knows and accepts me for me even if terribly flawed.

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I just dont want to say too much, you know? But i want to stop acting “normal” when im not

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IMO, you acting “not normal” may be a bigger problem for her than your disclosure. Depending on what that constitutes, of course.

What do you mean?

I don’t know her, so it’s just a guess, but your diagnosis could still just be words for her.

Also it really depends what you mean by not acting normal. Not going out in crowds is one thing, discussing aliens, CIA or other conspiracy is another. Not saying this applies to you, but you see what I mean, it depends what we’re talking about there.

Yeah i see. I just want to believe in the romantic ideal of someone i can trust

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I think tmi could be a turn off at this time. I would try to focus on the present and future. Just answer questions as she brings them up. It’s pretty cool she hasn’t pushed you away yet. Sounds like something worth pursuing. Best wishes.

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Did you meet him before or after

I wasill before we met, if that’s what you meant

At this point she may be telling herself she wants to be interested still. Son’t do anything to make her sure that she wants to back as she could at any time.