Today's going a lot better than the last few days

Just goes to show, there’s ups and downs.

I still don’t know how much of my downs are due to benzo withdrawals though. The more I’m in the clear from those, hopefully the better it will get.


Is really cool you decided to come off benzos by your own volition. Shows character.

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That’s what I think about myself too, I go from irritated to joy in an hour. I told my pdoc this he kind of dismissed it, said it’s always due to external stimuli. Anyway, I took a quarter of a benzo, about 2.5mg yesterday and feel a lot better today.

Glad you’re feeling okay today though :slight_smile:

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a new day is great,good morning.

I went from being depressed and irritable to being AMPED UP while giving up. It’ll take months to before I’m in the clear I think.

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