Today’s a holiday in United States

Memorial day! Anyone doing anything? Or just enjoying the good day off. I might go for a hike but it still cold out right now


I’m enjoying the freedom our fallen heroes gave their lives for. So basically I’m doing nothing lol.


There’s parades around town but I don’t care about that… I’m just going to stay in or go to the nature center

I might watch some of the memorials on tv

There’s some good sports on TV I know. It looks like it’s about to rain but I don’t think it’s gonna. And it’s only like 53° but going up to 71°

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We got warriors versus Rockets game seven

We got I think game one of the hockey finals with Vegas and Washington I think

And baseball all day!! Yankees astros at 1

i just went for a walk outside. nice.

i hope it will be a good day for all of us here.



I don’t really have anything special planned. Just playin’ my Blues records.

I’m keeping all the soldiers who’ve passed and those presently serving in my thoughts and prayers. :pray: :v:


Every Memorial Day I catch myself thinking of my mother. I wonder to myself why, and then, “Oh yeah, it’s Memorial Day.”

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Everybody fancies themselves a soldier here.

it’s gonna be 90+ degrees out today, I’m gonna just hangout in the AC all day. I will take the dog for a walk later, maybe grill up a burger for dinner

I’m thinking of the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be free.

Land of the free, because of the brave.

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It’s quite warm here so I’m just chillin’ out.

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Yeah, national Pygmy Day. Support your local Pygmie and treat him to lunch but they’re sensitive, so no barbecued shorts ribs or no small orders of fries.

i think of my grandparents my step dad and all those who have died that were my friends…sad today…I have to mow the yard to add insult to injury.

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Today i think of my father and my husband.

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