Have a nice memorial day

have a great one. enjoy this pleasant weather.

enjoy the day.

feel good about the summer coming.

luv ya, judy

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Thanks. Yes it is pleasant weather. Today, I’m going to buy a pillow and a new laundry basket from across the street. Wish me luck.


gladly. good luck nick.

I had a great day so far and it is only a quarter of 4 here now.

how has your day been?


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I just got up. It’s 12:30 pm. I need to fix myself lunch.

bon apetit nick. judy

It been a good day here. The campers are leaving . I’m glad the three day weekend is over. This evening I will drive down by the river to enjoy the quiet and pick up trash.

From the country Ridgerunner


Thanks, Judy. I hope everyone here has a wonderful Memorial Day. I am not doing anything special, just weeding.

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