Enjoy Today in Most of the US; Get Some Sunshine

Across most of the US today the temps will be above average and things will be beautiful. I know some of you are not experiencing that type of weather and I have sympathy for you. But for those of you who are I have one message: GO OUTSIDE!!! Make today a real Super Sunday.


Its been really warm here in Canada. Alot of snow melted today, its all slush.


This is funny coming form someone whos name is blizzard lol, I will go outside today thanks!


I’ll walk the dog today. :grin:

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It’s not going to be all that warm today but I think I’ll go for a short walk anyway.
Haven’t been outside in a couple of days.

Nice thread @Blizzard!

I’m smoking some ribs for the Superb Owl, so I’ll be outside tending to them most of the afternoon. At least the sun is out

feels great 52 degrees. maybe i’ll go for a walk. we have 3 nice days in row predicted.

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