Today is a good day

I wake up early and have breakfast with my family. We went to a park together and i pick a restaurant for dinner. They are happy because the food is good and the price is good too. I have a telephone conversation with a friend. I also talk to my mom. I read for an exam and tried to memorize it. My mom have her own activities with my relatives tmr she’s not taking me with her. I really feel attached I don’t want to. But I want to be able to give mom free time. So i did not ask her to take me but try to arrange for my own time. I have a list of to-do for tmr I want to be able to use my time wisely. In the past I often stay in my bed for long hours doing nothing when mom is away. Actually I’ll be quite busy for a while. I will begin working for full time next week, which is difficult. I’ll face new challenges. I am not doing well with my free time. I wish it works for me working a simple full time job.

The new job gives me anxiety. I just took a shower and I still feel restless. I never have this restlessness prior to taking psy med. My heart is burning. I wish i could manage my anxiety better. I have a bottle of l-theanine I’ll see if it helps.

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I have a list of to-do for tmr I want to be able to use my time wisely.

I’m starting my to do list tomorrow too. Good luck!

I am concerned with your new full-time job. Hopefully you will be able to cope with the anxiety and handle the job duties.

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It’s good to see you’re having a good day.

I agree. I’ve spend the whole day with my family hanging out, playing games and having a good time! I’m moving out of my parents house again soon, but at least I’ll have a car to get back when I want to visit. It’s a little rough not being able to see them whenever I want.