Good morning. What are you doing today?

I’m going to the grocery store for my sister. Working out with the resistance bands. Building my new nightstand. Setting up my new cordless vacuum cleaner. Maybe going through some photos and putting them in by photo album. So basically just busy work trying to stave off the boredom. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you. :smiley: What are you doing today?


In maybe another hour or so I’ll go to sleep, hoping to sleep until 6 pm; it’s currently 8:30 am here. Then I’ll chill and text with a friend, maybe listen to some music, shower and brush my teeth, then off to work for the night.

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Are you working at a gas station? I can’t remember.

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Cheers and good luck on your busy day.

This morning we have our maids coming for a deep scrub, so I’ve got to pick up around here a little.

Might go out and do some shopping today, I need vape supplies and a trip to the pot shop for some CBD, I’m almost out of both.

Other than that maybe some laundry if I feel up to it. Really need to wash my sheets. it’s been over a week.

Wishing you well my foliage friend!

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Thank you sweetheart, I hope you have a fantastic day,

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Today is my sons birthday. We are ordering pizza and playing board games and maybe watch a movie. He turned 22.

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Oh how fun. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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Yeah it’s a gas station; I work there Friday and Saturday nights. i still teach at the community college, too. The gas station stresses me out terribly, though.

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I’m sorry, I remember form over a year ago you were talking about it stressing you and you were glad to be getting rid of that job. I guess you had to go back to it?

Yeah, unfortunately I had to go back to it.

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I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a terrible position to be in. Well I hope you have as good a shift as is possible.

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Going to try to do 10 mins of exercise, give my son a ride in the afternoon, and help my husband with some home renovations here. That’s a full day and evening for me. If I do all that I will be satisfied.

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Nothing special here, I am happy it is February already, I rode my bicycle a little today, I have not had much motivation, I had a walk a couple of times in my neighbourhood, I’ll start sleeping early, a normal day, I run out of pens so I can not write my journal entries, somehow I am feeling tired, lack of energy, yesterday I bought a grilled chicken and I have been eating it today.

I just got a new iPhone which I am very pleased with. It was a treat from my bonus at work that I got.

It was a nice drive to Brighton which is a near by city to me with an Apple shop.

Then I met my parents in my town and had a coffee with them

I am feeling a bit anxious today, so I have taken a Diazepam and I will lay down for a bit and try to relax.

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Sorry you’re feeling anxious, good you had a prn so you can relax.

I have just an old Samsung phone, somehow I have not needed a smartphone, maybe I am too old to start using a smartphone, no I am not too old, older people use them, I just have not had a need. I am happy with my laptop.

Yeah I have taken some now but I always forget I have it and have to be reminded.

Just seems like once I get over one thing, something else happens and it feels never ending


I use a smart phone a lot. It’s like a mini computer you can carry around with you as it pretty much does everything.

I never used to have good phones, but now I kinda like the technology.

I’ve gone to the emergency room before for panic attacks and they’ve given me Ativan when I had Ativan at home I could have taken lol I forget too I can’t think straight when I get like that

Most people here seem to have smart phones, I suppose I’d like its camera feature.