Today i was in gym :D

spent my money on trainer and gym… but its worth it :smiley: i feel much better now and stronger


Good for you spooky!


yep i know need to fight apathy


good for you!

what all did you do? did you work up a sweat?


i did abs training , she gave me exrecises for upper lower and side abs. did plank with touching each hand during plank… did exercise with a heavy ball. sitting and touching sides and laying on mat and pulling ball ap and rising up… and few legs exercises with machine. also did in the end biceps… after that and before workout did cardio on a walking lane and slides


was 1 hour workout

also standing near wall and rising hands like flying and siting with hands straight with back on the wall

he or she probably knows better

but I always did abs and that muscle stuff after a good long run

otherwise my body felt tired, and I might not finish my run

my son is doing a lot of the things your’e doing with a personal trainer too

keep it up!


Wow that’s pretty good @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro! I just walk on the treadmill and do pushups.

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thats good too. atleast you do something

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i once did run on a treadmill and after that i couldnt do exercisis she gave me… becouse i weas too tired… she doesnt suggest running on a treadmill becouse its very hard and you loose alot of streght required for other exercises…


i amthinking to take one year prescription gym couse its much cheaper yoiu save alot of money… i will see

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I like my town’s park

we have a long trail and throughout it

there are stations of nautillus machines

I’ve been into it many times in my life, got my son into it too

then we would sprint between each station, then walk and recover

by the time you get to that last sprint, that’s the hardest, real tired.

I hope to get back into it, and saves on getting Fitness Center membership.


its good to if you manage exrecising without going to gym


This is my fight


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