Got some exercise in at the gym

I did 15 minutes of rolling hills on the treadmill fast walking it, and 4 minutes on the rowing machine, did the abs machine 2 sets of 10, and 2 sets of 10 push ups.
It’s a start. I hope to keep going every day.
Feel good now.


Exercising and gym are good.

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You’re lucky your gym is open!

They shut gyms here almost 2 months ago.

It is so frustrating, as my main hobby was to go there to swim


It’s also not mandatory to wear one while working out, just social distancing.
There’s no pool at this gym
I’d have to pay for that at the other gym.

Good job! I’m exercising too.


The gym pool if I go 4 times a week is cheaper than the public pool that charges each time.

It’s also always for swimming lengths, where the public pool always closes for classes and you can’t go there to just swim

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Keep it up, going to gym is good hobby :smiley:

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Good work. The key is regular so keep at it. It does get easier for sure and it’s something that can be addictive in a good way.

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I’d kill to use an indoor walkling track this week. The wind did a number on my face yesterday, got skin peeling from where I froze an exposed strip. Nothing major, just an annoyance. No gyms or indoor exercise for me until after I’m vaccinated and we know they work against the variants.


That’s awesome daze :slight_smile:

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