Today I made an awesome realization

I had an epiphany. What’s been holding me back from recovery isnt my psychosis, it’s my anxiety about having psychosis.

It was my second day in partial hospitalization, and it’s been helping me a lot. DBT is amazing. I asked my main therapist if we can start to incorporate DBT in our sessions, and she said yeah of course.


This has been a huge issue for me. What has made it better for me is building a support system so that if I have another episode, it should go much better than in the past. It feels great to have a team looking after me.

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Yeah anxiety is my biggest shackle too

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Good for you, partial hospitalization helps immensely, Enjoy the education and support you get from there. It’s priceless!

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It’s been nice. I wasnt sure I’d like group therapy, and I still have anxiety that I talk too much during group, but it’s really nice to have other people’s perspective.

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I liked all the support I got, and the lasting friendships I made

I have anxiety over having another episode. Have to remind myself there’s warning signs before I get that sick. It doesn’t just happen like a bomb going off. I really liked DBT it really makes you pay attention to how you vocalize your thoughts and feelings.

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