I’ve had so much therapy the last couple years

I think it’s a good thing! People want to say that getting help is a sign of weakness or something, but I see it as an opportunity to improve myself and get better. You can always get better. Also this board is kind of like therapy. I’ve done a lot of group therapy, individual therapy and web therapy and art therapy. You know some People say that schizophrenics have more insight… It might seem that way sometimes because they do more therapy and forced to get more in touch and face great problems as well. But yeah I’ve done a lot of therapy and learned a lot about human nature and have matured a lot.

I am grateful that medicare/Medicaid covers the full costs of my intensive outpatient group therapy. I think i’ll come back next year when I’m not doing well!

Everyone needs therapy at least seven times daily. And then their therapists needs therapists. Basically if you aren’t a therapist you are part of the problem.

There is still a stigma attached to going to therapy, you are definitely right. For people who don’t go there is a mysticism behind it and they don’t understand that most of it is venting and having someone help you come to a conclusion you already kind of know.

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Recently in therapy I’ve realized how you don’t need to know everything. It is more important to keep an open mind that takes in its surroundings, than to be correct. Because everyone has so much unique knowledge/experiences/insights/personalities, you’re never going to know everything. But for some reason my delusions of grandeur made me think I needed to. But now I’m out of that trap thanks to therapy. :wave:

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Yeah therapy has mostly been a big help to me. CBT made a huge difference for me. I also took a lot of helpful things from DBT. I worked through traumatic things in therapy that made it so my life wasn’t constant ptsd hell. Therapy helped me vent to a real human being w/o fear of being judged or of burdening someone I love. It’s made a huge difference for me and it’s something I’m going to need for the foreseeable future.

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have you ever done IOP/group therapy? I think you said you had but not sure how it went. We do CBT in IOP. A little DBT but im still not completely sure how it works.

Couldn’t be said better. Why is the idea of two people (the patient and the therapist) working together on the patient’s personal problem such a big deal? People don’t act like you must be demented because you get advice from your mechanic about your car not working.

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Yeah I’ve done group before. I did PHP, which is basically more intense IOP because it’s all day every day, basically like being hospitalized but you go home at the end of the day.

DBT is the new fashionable therapy that places are using. In my opinion CBT was better but DBT did have its useful aspects.

I remember before I ever did group I was anxious about it because I already felt nervous sharing personal stuff with one stranger who was a professional why would I want to share with numerous strangers who weren’t even professionals…but it ended up being so awesome because you can connect with people and feel less alone and get coping tips from people who have actually been through what you’re dealing with.

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