Today I had a turbulent mind


I have no idea why… just a day of dread and feeing like I was on the edge of loosing something… everything…

A very turbulent and anxious mind.

All this week, I’ve been detached and numb, feeing flattened and drained… wax build-up.

Today, it melted and exposed all the wires… on edge and a bundle of raw nerves. Every little thing has set off some very anxious feelings. Getting this feeling like tomorrow is a day of doom. Don’t know why.

Waves of anxiety… for no reason. I hate having to always fight my own mind. I’m going to take my sisters stuffed bunny. He reminds me of :rabbit:


I also felt like that recently and have doubled my antipsychotic meds now and I feel much better and calmer. you might discuss this with your pdoc?


we think there will be disasters where in reality it never happens…
our mind plays tricks on us when we are exhausted , tired…
i bet you tomorrow will be a good day, just make sure you start it with a good breakfast, meds etc…
treat yourself during the day…
and most of all believe in the power of the bunny :rabbit:
" hail bunny :rabbit: giver of wisdom and bunny :rabbit: snuggles ".
take care :alien: …p.s darth bug :bug: sends you a hug too…
( just pretend you are getting a bug hug :bug:…his arms aren’t that big !?! )


:rabbit: hug
:bug: hug
:squirrel: hug

I’ll appreciate them all.

I’ll keep telling myself tomorrow will be ok. Logically I have no reason to have my world crumble… just the head circus playing up and giving me that “premonition” feeling.

I know I can’t predict the future… but that sneaky brained thinking has been trying to creep in.


Holy crap. I’ve been feeling the same way and I can’t explain it. It kinda feels like a different ‘losing it’ feeling from what I normally get. It’s more subtle, yet OBVIOUSLY there and feels very uncomfortable. Even the flatenned part, I can move and contort my face, but my automatic facial expressions are just gone; much worse than normal.

I’ve been on edge for the past week or so, getting worse every day. A kind of unknown anxiety has been eating at me, making me nauseated. I went to the movies last night with my wife and stupidly forgot my lorazepam and almost threw up in the theater from the nausea. The dumb thing is, it took me until today to realize the nausea is probably from anxiety. The same problem I had when I was working, at the time the nausea was unexplained because my anxiety didn’t really feel different.

The part that scared me this morning was when I realized that this is EXACTLY how I felt before I lost my job and then my family did the “We’re worried about you and we want you to make an appointment with a doctor.”… right before I got DXed.

I also read on a website that people with SZ have a common occurrence of nausea (over 40%). In fact we are more prone to nausea than depression or anything else. Makes me wonder if they should add nausea to the symptom list.


I am sorry your are going through this, surprisedJ. It seems Latuda is not powerful enough for all the symptoms. Be watchful and see how long it lasts. Hope it goes away itself otherwise you will have to discuss it with your Pdoc.


BANG! :boom: That has been one of the things that I’ve been feeling today as well. Like I’m about to loose my job. I don’t know why I feel like that. Things have been going well at work. I even just got a good year end review. But that dread has been creeping in today.

I’ve been anxious and nauseous and sort of the verge of over emotional… which is a huge switch from the flattened numb I’ve been fighting through all week.

It’s the waves of extremes that just does me in. Why does it always have to be extreme


I’ve had some problems lately too. It is the stress of finals, lack of sleep, and my mom is bedridden. I’ve been doing all the housework and cooking. I am only going to have one day to study for my math final. I have given up on studying for my other class. I’ll write the paper that’s due in between my 2 finals which are 3 hours apart on Tuesday. It’s a mess.

I am sorry that you are feeling bad. Maybe replace that thought with a belief that something positive is going to happen tomorrow. There are things that you can control. You can go for a walk and think that even if something goes wrong you’ll still have that walk. I get those doom feelings, but my medicine helps me to push it out of my head. Nights are hard sometimes. I have to focus on my morning coffee. I know it isn’t much, but it helps me to calm down. Remember sleep can be a great reset button. I’d take the extra dose of medicine like klonopin to help.

@Apokalypz The nausea thing rings true for me.


Didn’t know how to send this link about a current ‘sunspot’. I wonder what a proton event is.

INFO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM 2014 Dec 07 12:33:18

The solar activity is rather low, and the strongest flare during last 24
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Catania sunspot group 24 (NOAA AR 2222) which is currently situated close
to the west solar limb (S20W70). The strong flaring activity originating
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Therefore, we maintain the warning conditions for a proton event. No Earth
directed CMEs were observed during last 24 hours. The Earth is currently
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originating from the large polar coronal hole with the extent to the low
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The concurrent slow increase of the solar wind speed, density and the
interplanetary magnetic field which started early on December 6, indicate
strong compression region in front of the fast flow. Decrease of density
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about 16:00 UT on December 6), indicate arrival of the fast flow itself.
The maximum solar wind speed of about 800 km/s was observed this morning.
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in the coming hours.


i get the same thing man, it just happens for no reason at all. Im right there with ya fightin this battle.
just remember it will pass.


Because you like surfing? Lol.

The past few months I’ve been spoiled though. I haven’t really felt that huge overly extreme feeling until this week. I almost forgot what it was like to feel nauseated from anxiety…but no, my stupid brain had to remind me.


Thank you for the ideas… focus on the feeling that tomorrow something good will happen and think about taking one thing at a time.

@levelJ1 - Sorry you’ve been hitting this too. I wish things could just cost in neutral for a bit. I almost like the detached feeling then this on the verge of panic and over emotion.

@pob Thank you for this information. It’s very uncanny that this is happening the moment I’m feeling scrambled.

@green5 Thank you for the shout out… I’m due to see the doc in a week. If this gets out of hand… I’ll try to push up the appointment.

It’s that tight stomach of doom that getting me this evening.


I’m sorry to hear about your rough time Surprised. I agree with darksith. Treat yourself to something. Pamper yourself. Are you under a lot of stress? If so, do some things to relieve it. The whole bath, music, good food, swimming, thing. I have those feelings of impending doom regularly. Like some catastrophe is going to happen. It never does. Well I did run into that poor kid three weeks ago. And my rent just went up, and I just had to spend money I didn’t have. But I put one foot in front of the other and stick to a routine. Logically, is your job really in danger? Just go there and do the best you can and it will take care of itself. To tell you the truth I feel like my life is over every day. But it never is. My dad told me, “Life is about solving problems”. Maybe you’re taking on too much and you could streamline your life by cutting out some of your activities or at least delaying them somewhat and taking care of yourself. It won’t do anyone any good if you have a major setback so take care of yourself. Good luck.


Thank you for that Nick. One foot in front of the other.

logically… no. I can’t think of anything that would make that so. But I know it’s the sneaky brained thinking. I know I can’t predict the future, I know it’s some anxiety hit that just keeps creeping like the tide.

I feel like this winter break… your suggesting of cutting some of the activities maybe some hibernation is a very good one.

Hope things go well for you as well.


I hope all of you are feeling better today.
I think this time of year does it to everyone.
I have had a lot of anxiety lately myself. I keep asking myself why. Just a steady stream of it-even though nothing is wrong. I keep trying to attach it to something
I can worry about.
There is nothing wrong though.
I think Im worried that I MIGHT have something to worry about! Im going to start reading up on PTSD. Im sure my mind is stuck on it...its been in that mode for so many years that it doesn`t know how to do anything else…**


“All my life I worried about problems that never happened”.
Mark Twain