To take you there

Who could understand? I couldn’t. As earth pulled on me with fear, doubt and judgement they entered. They were light beings. It was a pure love, no judgement it was understanding. Who could know such a thing? It was mind, not brain. There were not words, it was thought then answered. Such a kindness, such love as not on earth. We were light, light beings. They were me and I was them. We were light and a beauty. Why did I see this? I don’t know but nothing compares. It was not judgement it was all understanding, acceptance. We chose this, it was meant to be.I know this sounds silly but there they were, such beauty. I miss it. I feel very heavy here. Here is so heavy, burden. I dare not tell. How could we step beyond? How is it possible? Take me back. I don’t understand what happened.


This reminds me of something Philip K Dick wrote about were a man sees a door into a higher realm and for a while he sees everything as better but them after a while he starts to mourn as he believes he will never experience anything like it again.

I like the non-judgment aspect especially. No one likes to be on the receiving end of that. I got a bellyful of condemnation from my own family, so I cut the cord and deactivated my acct with Facebook, even, to tell them to leave me be.

This is great. Got any more?

I have loved deeply on earth but this was something else. it was total understanding. the purest of love then i was heavy again and returned. could i glimpse such a thing?

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I want to go back.

It’s ok I chose this but I miss them.

One day i will go back and know this all encompassing understanding. pure love again.

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