To eat or not to eat


that is the question. I have no appetite, and yet, I have gained 4 pounds of fat on this medication, but, since I have no appetite, I can just stop eating again, and why not? I can’t have any more children anyway because of this ■■■■■■■ illness. Might as well be thin.


I have little to no appetite lately, well thank goodness its getting a bit better, but I do worry about these things.
I’ve had stomach issues for a bit over a week now - some ■■■■■■■ stomach virus


I hope you eat enough to still lose weight and still eat. ? I am really worried about you. @samples32


Me too, we should make t-shirts.


Do you have a virus @samples32? I am not vomiting - just some bathroom issues and less appetite than before - how long have you been feeling this way Samples?


The medication did it. It’s been a minute now.


For health’s sake, try to eat a little when you don’t have appetite; and try to eat a little when you have much appetite.