Do you eat much food?

do you eat much food?

I’ve always like to eat, yeah. I miss the days when I could do that and not get fat. Certain medications make this much worse especially having type two diabetes on both sides of my family, they don’t seem to care. I’m actually planning on going in and being honest and upfront about my concern about my recent weight gain and how this pertains to my health and well being. This is terrifying to me due to my life history and having read some of the fiction and heresay that is my psychiatric history.

But yeah, food, I like it, I’ve even taken a however lazy like to preparing it. I’ll cook a meal from scratch once or twice a week, usually a stir fry or maybe pasta and meat sauce. Otherwise I get those frozen meals you just throw in a skillet. I try and stay away from stuff like fast food far more than I used to, but still find myself at a drive through now and then.

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I eat tons. Im 6 foot 6 inches tall and weigh only 170 pounds. I have an unnatural metabolism so i can keep snarfing it down but i do love food. Sometimes i feel though food gets old. Like there are those days all food tastes the same and i feel im force feeding myself just for nutrition. But food is still a wonderful creation

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I used to eat a lot then I got on atomoxetine now I eat just about three times a day maybe less if I eat out once per day. No weight loss though even though loss of appetite

Unfortunately i don t eat like food lately.i don t know maybe drug side effect but i have nausea when i get eat.that s why i m giving lot of weight.i can t complain about more good thing than get you much more appetite

The simple answer is yes.

Not really, I try to not eat too much. I have issues with my weight. I’m not fat but I think I am. I see myself fat, when others say I’m not. I used to be very thin, now I feel I’m overweight but I’m not. Sucks.

I have a love/hate relationship with eating. I crave things a lot, and if a fattening, usually sugary, food is in the house I tend to obsess about it until it’s gone. I think if I could eat anything and not gain weight I would spend more time eating. As it is, I try to eat healthy most of the time.

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I eat quite a lot. I tried cutting back and losing weight but it didn’t work.

No, I don’t eat enough.

I try to not eat much, but sometimes, due to medication, I can’t stop eating.

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I do eat a lot mostly sugary sweet food but that’s going to stop my partner is going to help me quit eating so much and eat healthier.

Man, I love pasta :spaghetti:

Bread is my weakness

I’m about 60 -70 lbs overweight, so it’s obvious I like to eat. When I shop for groceries I try not to buy anything I will like too much because I will eat too much of it. I lost about 15 - 20 lbs not too long ago, but I’m gaining it back. I keep thinking about donuts …

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Lots of candy! I wake up in the middle of the night and pop like 10 gummy bears or a Twizzlers…than wake up and snack again… Can’t break the habit…

I have a binge eating problem these past few months…so yes, I eat much food. I am trying to stop eating junk food this past month. My weight jumps up and down, depending on how much I am eating and if I am going to martial arts class. I usually try to eat less, but it’s hard figuring out how much to eat when I burn off something like 1700 calories a day doing several hours of martial arts.

I like cheese and bread and cheese on bread. I am eating a chicken salad right now, though, so healthy! I can’t believe I got to brag about this, I was miserable chewing on my salad until now!

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For my gender and height, I’m 22 pounds overweight. I have a love/hate relationship with food, and with one of the symptoms of Seroquel being food cravings, that just tends to reinforce my love/hate relationship. But I still eat anyways. :yum::neutral_face:

I eat just enough to get by since I find outdoor activities like walking on the beach briskly for exercise and spiritual gain. Also sawing up firewood where am at in Alaska keeps me busy during bored times however I am into firearms ballistics and like to compare different cartridges and calibers. Stay moving and not staring helps for me.