Don't feel like eating

Is anyone else here having problems eating? I had to get off Geodon, which might or might not have helped the positive sz symptoms again except for I wasn’t getting enough calories consistently. I have started Seraquil, organic sulfur (MSM), and a probiotic. I used to love to eat and love the taste of food. Now I just don’t care to eat. I’m not hungry and it just kinda seems pointless. I know I need calories and nutrients, but it just seems kinda stupid. For a while I couldn’t eat a lot because I started to feel sick, but now I it’s a motivation problem. I just don’t feel like it.
I am under a lot of stress (my jerk sister is back home. Luckily only for a couple of weeks) and I haven’t been doing anything except lay in bed and play with my phone because I don’t even want to see her. Something about her whiny voice just puts my teeth on edge. I don’t feel stressed when I am alone or it’s just my parents. Now I am just hiding. All my friends live far away from my town so I can’t go see them and escape that way. I came back from C’s place because I wanted to spend time with my parents to show them I love them (I had been getting kinda snappy because I kept trying to read and all Mom wanted to do was talk.)
I don’t think I’m depressed, but this is the way I wanted to commit suicide when I was little. I wanted to just stop eating an waste away. Then everyone would be at peace with it and I could just go.
Is anyone else having this problem?

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maybe you could try eating little and often so you dont feel sick almonds and grapes make what you do eat really yummy your body needs fuel. i could do with eating a little less lol.


Stop eating - that’s what people in my family have done when their quality of life is at its bleakest. But they were old.

Could be any number of reasons.

Drink a lot of milkshakes made with Bryers Vanilla ice cream.

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Same here. It’s hard getting me to eat.

I have got myself some natto. It makes my days easier.

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That’s what my Mom says and it’s the reason I don’t bring it up with her any more. She fails to see what the problem is.

If its your sister causing the stress ( not eating ) then you can probably tell her you cant see her right now. Almonds and grapes sound great right now-chocolate ice cream. i hope your feeling better by the time you read this. XXXX

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Sorry I can’t relate eating is one of the few things I have to look forward to in my days. That and drinking coffee. I get what you mean stop eating waste away, probably a more peaceful way to go. Live a long time just get more wretched diseases. Hard to feel motivated in my position. I got pretty much next to nothing going for me and I am way behind where I should be. I’m 25 and got nothing figured out. My thoughts of suicide have come to end. but there were a few months there where it was looking like a pretty reasonable end to what has been a more or less mediocre experience. Don’t smoke pot children. Any case I love my family I couldn’t put them through a suicide. Wish I had enough money to go to school. I wasted my first opportunities. Ah life sucks right now. Doesn’t help that I’m bitching.

What would you want to go to school for?

Computer science or electrical engineering. If I had infinite time and money that is what Id be doing. Those are just things I like to learn about.

Edx is a collection of free online courses by Harvard, MIT, ect. You can get a certificate of completion if you make it through, but not credit from the University. Google Edx and it’ll come up. I don’t like to follow links other people put up, but I put that up as a courtesy in case you do.

I bet if you get a few of those though you might be able to get a scholarship. My Aunt did one. They aren’t easy.

One of my professors told me about them.

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Well that is pretty cool.


Hi Onceapoet. I feel like the same way lately. It might be stress or depression. I feel not hungry and really evaluating myself and trying to figure out who I am and what I’m meant to do in life.

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My sis is fighting off anorexia. Her not eating is stress related. It got bad enough that she ended up with ulcers and started coughing up blood and she was hospitalized and then emergency surgery.

She was put on a diet of basically baby food when she got out. The docs were going to put feeding tubes in her if she couldn’t gain any weight. It’s been hard work but she’s up 11 pounds and been staying out of hospital. So please find a way to separate yourself from the stress and hopefully your appetite will come back.

I don’t want to trigger, and I don’t want to upset you, but what makes your sister a jerk?

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Im sorry, but I’m sure most people on this site, including myself, won’t be able to relate to your situation.
Most psych meds, especially antipsychotics increase appetite and make people gain weight.
Consider yourself lucky in a way in that you might not be confronting weight gaining issues, because of your lack of an appetite. If you are losing too much weight or are experiencing health issues because of this, I suggest you see a doctor


Have you ever seen shows like “The Hills”? where everyone is mean and snotty and they are only friends when it suits them? She models herself after those shows. To her I am the family dog. If she gets mad or stressed she used to take it out on me until I started dating C and got stronger. That stopped a lot of that.

Good news! I have started eating again! I realize that sounds contrived and fake, but I have gotten like this since I started my antiphycotics. It comes and goes in fits but I get over worried about it when it happens. I’m going to see a doctor Tuesday hopefully to get some blood work done related to the supplements to see if the meds are causing any deficiencies. I’m going to ask him about it.
It didn’t really start till I got on Geodon, but it’s a persistent problem.
I also heard/confirmed that some of these meds put us at a higher risk of diabetes. I have been having horrible sugar cravings. Like almost pregnant woman cravings. I just want it so bad. I’ve decided to only eat it on the weekends and avoid anything over 10 grams of sugar during the week. Hopefully that will do it.

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Stress kills my appetite. When I’m stressed my stomach hurts too much to eat. So it’s hard to eat. I rely on a lot of juice and vitamins when I’m too upset to eat.

I had eating issues since day one. goin off meds for me extremely decreases my appetite and also cant hold down solids for long without throwing them up. I keep hydrated but eventually throw it up to. All good lately though.