To do or not to do

The last few days I’ve been trying to convince myself to make an account on nolongerlonely. But I just can’t seem to click the create account button now. I’ve filled all the very basic info. But like…idk. A part of me is saying “if you gotta debate it in your head, don’t do it” but another part is like “dude just go for it, you never know”. Aaggghhh… Any of y’all wanna be supportive of me joining it or convince me to not do it :thinking::tired_face::persevere:

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I thought you were married?

Yeah… That didn’t work out. I haven’t seen her since a year now. And we agreed to stay friends but go our own ways.

Sorry to hear that.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


From what other users have said there’s hardly anyone on it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Yeah I saw that too. I just don’t know how extensive it is. Maybe there’s someone in Europe at least that’s not too far away. :thinking:

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I joined an I got no responses till my trial was up then I got 2 likes. I think the site did this to try an get me to subscribe but I don’t have any proof of this.

@TheVoices You may be confusing this site with another one. Nolongerlonely does not charge you to subscribe and there is no trial period. I have been a member for more than 10 years and there has never been a point where I had to choose to be a member or leave.
I get about 3 responses a year and one of them was local.

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@Here4You this is what pops up when I try to send a msg

nolongerlonely seems to be a slow site, I never heard from anyone on that site and was on it for years, I would just join doubt you will have much pressure on there

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I actually just created a profile on ‘nolongerlonely.’

And I’m already thinking about deleting it. A lot of users on it aren’t very active, and there’s practically no one near me.

Sorry, I don’t mean to discourage you.

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Never heard of this :thinking:

@SailorTheFox59 I used to be on I met someone locally, talked to someone for years on the phone, and continue to talk to someone who introduced me to this forum.

Advice? Be honest about what you’re looking for. Be honest about your expectations. I’m in the USA. I’ve not talked to anyone from a different country.

I hope you find who you want, need, and can tolerate. And, don’t depend on the Web site to find a partner. Keep your eyes peeled in your neck of the woods. Good luck!


Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m gunna hold off on it for now. A friend that I have might come go travel around Europe during the summer with me. It’s a maybe… and absolutely no clue on a relationship statues. I just don’t want to make myself feel like a pimp or something by talking to various people at the same time :joy::sweat_smile:

You’re right. They are asking for money. That might be a change from when I first joined several years ago. Now they want $9 for one month and $40 for lifetime membership. You have to consider if the potential for meeting some people is strong enough to warrant spending the money. I have found very few people on the site that are local for me.

I do prefer local. But I don’t mind inviting someone to Europe (Germany). I can help pay for the plane ticket. Or I can go visit them. I have the money and time. But yeah if there are people far and few then I don’t really see the point of spending the money for the lifetime membership. Eh I’ll see. I ain’t in a hurry lol. I got lots of time on my hands

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