No longer lonely


I signed up an there aren’t anyone in my state. Disappointed


Is that a dating site? Sorry to hear that there’s no one in your state. Maybe if you branch out you can find someone to video chat with.


What kind of site it is? What are you looking for?


Yea I didn’t see anyone in UK. London. Nothing


Well I have penpal from that site
We’ve been penpals for around six years
He lives in uk
We have not met but it’s nice to be penpals


@TheCircleOfFifths it’s a dating site for people with mi


I couldn’t even figure how to sign up



Another state isn’t too far of a drive! Can you stay on and give it a go?


@LouiseG ya I will stay on


That’s great! Hoping for the best for you!


I was on it for years and no one in my area


I wonder if the site is a trigger for some people or people don’t want their diagnosis out there. Wish there were more people willing to make the step to find someone like them or someone that can be a positive influence.


It’s a pity that there’s not a lot of people on it as it sounds like a great idea…


I met a woman in florida on no longer lonely and moved down there…she was bipolar and very ill wouldn’t get out of bed…I was still delusional on abilify and left her for my now ex wife…sad.


Yes this is the problem with no longer lonely. You may be able to find people who are interested but one of you would have to move to another state.


I have been enrolled in for about 5 years. I met one person who lives nearby. Other than that there are very few people locally. I have exchanged emails occasionally there also.


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