I dont want to be a loner

i had a pint of beer and just sat with it on my own at the bar, i think i am turning into a loner as i find it very hard to talk to people and i get nervous and uncomfortable, i dont want to be a loner but i think i am, i cant talk to normal people and thats probably why i have so much bad luck finding women, it sucks really, i dont want to be a loner.


You could give meetup.com a look. It’s not a dating website, but has things to do to meet people of similar interests. So for example if you were interested in tarot cards, you could go to a “meetup” organised by people who like them.

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IDK if you like Magic the Gathering cards or not but most comic book stores host an MTG night every week. You could meet ppl there?


I second meetup.com. Or you could go to trivia nights at a local bar, if they have them. Often times, those are done in teams, so you can get to know the people you team up with.


dude, I know how you feel. I’ve not had a gf yet.

but whenever I feel like a loner, I look at positives. I have God! and I cherish my brother! I cherish my parent! I have my poetry and I have my dreams! and these have great value, so much value that I forget about being a loner!

If a man looks deep within himself, he will realize that he is not a loner. :smiley:


Have isolated myself a lot this last year. My family has little patience for me now. Not going out has made me put on weight.


I used to be jimbob. I have replied to you plenty of times. :smile_cat:


You still are aren’t you?

Okay site admin knee jerk

he makes me think of burgers now lol

Sir Boring, i can assure you, you’re not boring at all :sunglasses:

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You spelled loser wrong

Okay I want @jimbob back

But the site


Hate me

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i’m a loser too

no no no no no, you’re doing it wrong. not cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding

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I used to do this but I don’t earn any money anymore so I have to conserve it. But yes @Resilient1 if you can spare the cash to do booster drafts you should try this. Also despite the way people knock it church is a fantastic way to meet people too. Find a church that has fellowship.

Also @sirBoring don’t worry man I’ve never had a gf either.


Somebody somewhere

Should have done


Why not me?

I’d play it right now

Or every other day on here

idk what that is :confused:

And I was frigging raised catholic

Dude we’re not losers. We have a really bad illness.
I’m not even sz and Im alone so I can’t imagine how hard it must be to hear voices every second of the day. This is a tragic disease, it robbed me of my life.
It’s easy to look around and say “we’re losers”. But there’s a little more going on here.
You wouldn’t call a guy with no legs a loser would you? Why is this any different? In fact it’s harder than having no legs.
I’m not a loser I’m a good man. People like me too, and I have a lot to offer when I’m well. I’m sure the same goes for you guys.