Tired during the day, cannot sleep, what to do?

Almost everyday I get tired during the middle of the day and try to go to sleep but I can never fall alseep, it has NEVER happened since being on antipsychotics… so I am wondering if anyone else here has similar experiences and if so do you take anything to help?

If you’re already getting seven to nine hours, the body of a sz pt. on anti-Ps is likely to just go “lethargic” but not go to sleep. I used to push myself to go for a walk when I got this way, as well as check my blood sugar level. 'Cause my deal was sometime just the upshot of hypoglycemia caused by the med. Drink a little OJ or eat a banana. Usually works IF that is the cause.

I haven’t had regular sleep patterns since I was seven years old. I do a lot of dozing in day treatment. I’ve gotten to where I like waking up at 2:30 a.m. I like having the time to myself to ruminate. I enjoy it. On the weekends I often get my days and nights completely turned around. I’ve learned to enjoy it.