Tips and tricks for surviving sz



You see I never hear voices through my ears so I could easily deny I had them. Therefore I could easily deny I had sz. Of course I NEVER told anyone about the “pronouncements”
It’s sorta like you know what is said to you? Years later I think maybe doctors call it thought insertion but I hate getting technical like that. I never get symptoms you know :wink:

I just like to talk about solutions. For me in high school I would wear big ass headphones when I did my homework late at night. When I could I would play loud music so my parents wouldn’t hear me scream.

And when I would walk around, I would sing songs in my head or hum.

But these days you can just pull out a cheapo iPod and look like everyone else and blend in. These days every one talks to themselves while they walk around with cell phones and ear buds. Isn’t progress great?!

What tips can you offer?


There are many factors that helped me get in a space where I can start to fight this off… (a good doc… a good therapist… strong family… staying on my meds… doing the CBT work)

I think one of the easiest that had helped… got rid of the T.V.

I can rent movies… I can watch some shows on Channel 9 on-line.

I can read the news on-line without loud shouting angry “news” anchors getting red in the face and picking fights.

No commercials… no channel surfing… so if I’m bored… I’m not just picking up the T.V. remote… I’m reading or getting out.

If I’m not just picking up the T.V. remote and hypnotically channel flipping… I’m also not hypnotically eating a bag of chips…

What really helped drop my anxiety… my stress… (some weight) and helped me not get worked up or tense or trigger the sneaky brained thinking…

Get rid of the T.V.


I read newspapers and skip all the bad news since TV news just is very annoying. But I get sucked into all the latest bad news out there even online.

You know I was saving up to get one of those HDTV. But why? So I can get a blue ray player? So I can see every blade of grass on the football field? Every pimple on the face of a talking head?

Forget it, this old TV shows DVDs just fine that I can get for free from the library without commercials.


My sis and I are almost religious when it comes to our library use. Huge fan of the library.

Someone told us we should get a T.V. and a blue-ray…

Faulty Towers and Keeping up Appearances aren’t going to be any more or less funny on blue-ray.

No… I like being T.V. free and just watch DVD’s on the computer.


Writing poetry and stories. It helps when delusional, to write a story and then later I can go back it acts as a record of my journey.


Keep in touch with creation and the Creator. Walk on the beach. Look at the stars. Have a cup of coffee and biscuits. Keep busy but not too busy. Get enough rest. Don’t make added stress in life, keep it simple. :smiley:


I wrote a survival guide for mental illness in general once for another site. It’s about 8 pages of a word document (about 2,400 words) That’s not including about a ton of web links which I’ve shunk. The shrunken web links on word are not working on the site when I copy and paste. So I will have to edit it all and at the moment I just don’t have the energy. I might get around to it and post one day soon.But at 2400 words it might be a bit much to post. Things like that blog entry. How to disclose. Alternative treatments. Types of therapy, Alternative ways to get help with no money etc etc etc. Most of which I have posted but has been scattered among other posts.