How to cope

alright guys i have had SZ for about 7 years and i have almost got to it to a manage it all day. iam just here to say thing that has helped me. and iam just hoping this will help y’all music of course is the biggest thing with headphones. watching t.v with the sound loud enough to drown out your voices. reading. now i know its hard for a lot of people to read. taking a walk. playing video games. being on the internet. and being on this site. and when you are hearing a lot of voices. do grounding techniques like say to your self iam OK iam in my room or iam in my house. i know these are things you already know or have herd. but if you have then maybe i reminded you about some. and if you have not herd maybe all or one will help you good luck to all.


good on you… and good advice :heart:
take care :alien:

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thanks you too i have had this a while and it sucks. and if i can help people that’s all i care about

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