Tinnitus driving me... well, crazy

Not sure where to put this. I have had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) since a bad bout with the flu when I was 17. It’s irritating, but most of the time doesn’t cause real problems. Except sometimes I will have a dream… that’s how it starts… and in the dream the noise gets louder and louder, like the ocean, and it’s a roar that won’t go away and I can’t focus on anything. On top of this for some reason it’s terrifying and feels demonic. I don’t intellectually believe in demons. But it’s sort of dream logic.

Anyway I wish I could get the roaring to stop. It never does based on anything I do, eventually it has always gone away though.

Anyone else have tinnitus problems?

I don’t know about tinnitus but my mental health has improved since I moved away from heavy traffric

my mum did and it made her very anxious so she was given diazepam, i think she’s better when she has something to do, so she doesnt focus on the noise as much (or tries not to)

I actually have to have the radio on all the time. I guess for most people that’s not helpful, but it distracts me from the ringing.

I used to but it went away.

That is lucky. It’s another one of those conditions that is basically untreatable. Fortunately it usually isn’t a severe problem, but a few people have it so loud it’s debilitating.

Compared you yours I have very minor tinnitus problems with it only appearing when I’m overstressed. At times like those I like to use a white/pink/red noise app called Relax Noise 3. I understand that that’s not enough to help your problem but I thought some other people could benefit from trying it.

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I have tinnitus all the time, from a brutal tonsil infection, but it doesn’t trouble me at all. That’s such an unhelpful thing to say, I know, but even though it’s objectively rather loud, I never notice it unless something brings it to my attention. I don’t think it’s ever intruded into my dreams.

So I guess I don’t know what to suggest. I’m sorry that it is causing you so much distress! I’m not sure how long it’s been going on for you, so I don’t know if it’s something either you’ll get acclimated to or that will go away. Best of luck!

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I’ve had tinnitus my whole life. I was told by an ear doctor that it is most likely a hallucination since nothing is weong with my hearing. I actually am very sensitive to sound.

Most of the time it’s a minor irritation, thankfully.

Just sometimes it’s bad.

I should probably keep track. I think it’s usually when other bad stuff is going on.

I get ringing sometimes in my ears, and a very soft ring all day. It can be pretty deafening, but I have partial hearing loss in both ears, so it’s common for people like me to deal with mild tinnitus all day.

my mum has the radio on a lot too.

I got tinnitus when I first started to take wellbutrin and I read on some forums that people related to it too… Seems like it is one of the possible side effects. So maybe check if any medication you take list tinnitus as a side effect.
It is mildly noisy most of the time and sometimes it gets loud in one ear…very rarely it gets loud in both ears - and that makes me very nervous.

I don’t know if this can help but the only thing I do is that I ignore it. I just focus my mind really strongly on something else. I’m just like “its there but I can still hear so I gotta accept it…”. Of course when it is really ringing in both ears I just brag about it and wait to be gone.
Subconscious is phenomenal. If you focus on what’s bothering you it grows stronger - like the tinnitus.

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Yeah I have it’s mostly caused by headphones too loud with me. Are a few treatments around seem to trick the mind that what you are hearing you aren’t can’t remember the name of that treatment though.