Tinnitus is the sound of the beings trying to escape

crinkle crinkle crinkle
that’s all i hear

How could they escape your head?

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They can break the wall between thought and sensory input in order to interact with me physically.

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I doubt it mate.

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they’re doing it now

Ha ha … I used to think it was sounds from other stars.

This video lets you hear what tinnitus sounds like


i know what it sounds like but the beings are causing mine

That’s exactly (almost) the sound I get all day in my right ear.

It’s not really bothersome. Unless anxiety is up then it starts feel like it’s more annoying than usual.

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I get a bunch of different sounds.

I’m having a bad day I’m sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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My tinnitus just sounds like annoying ringing which I attribute to my hearing loss.

I don’t have hearing loss, so I can’t attribute it to that. The beings are responsible for mine. It’s not just ringing. It’s buzzing and beeping and cheering and other sounds too.

There are no beings in your head. What medication are you on currently? Is it helping any?

I was on Zyprexa but my psychiatrist switched it to Vraylar yesterday. All of the medicine makes the beings quieter, but they’re still there. I’m on 1.5mg. I was on 20mg of Zyprexa but it was the same.

Well, give the new medication some time. :slight_smile: They don’t always work immediately for people and can take some time to settle in your system well enough to control symptoms better.

I’m sorry I know it’s annoying to talk about. They claim to be real. It’s hard not to believe them.

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I know it’s hard. It’s hard to not believe someone put a radio in my head sometimes, too, but we have to actively work to remember our hallucinations are just that–hallucinations.


It’s just, I have this theory that the beings agree with. That God created these seeds, these wild cards, that choose living souls at random and contain interdimensional beings who become entangled in the mind of the living soul. I know that no one thinks it’s real except for me and the beings. How do you accept that it’s not real? I can’t see how it’s not real.

I check my reality against that of others who are confirmed to not be delusional. As far as the voices go, I plug my ears if I’m hearing something sometimes to check if it’s a real sound or not. If I plug my ears, the voices don’t go away like regular noise.

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