Tinnitus & Schizophrenia

Has anyone had similar diagnosis? I hear loud pitched ringing in both ears. I’ve seen my ear nose and throat Dr. twice in the past year. I have an appt scheduled in mid July to visit a Tinnitus Clinic. I’ve tried many things to lessen the ringing- ear plugs, white noise machine, fans, music, youtube videos.

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Off meds I have much more ear ringing. On meds it still happens but very rarely. Idk why it happens, I have never seen a Dr for it as it doesn’t annoy me personally.

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I’ve been having the ringing for about 8-9mths. I’ve been taking my meds on a regular schedule. I had a hearing test done. In the morning the ringing seems to be worse.

I do have tinnitus since I was a child at approximately 7 years of age. They could not treat it. If I find something that lessens it I will share it.

Masking the ringing can help from what i read on the web. I tried the high frequency youtube videos, but they just annoyed me more than anything.

Tinnitus was one of the first symptoms of my psychotic episode, along with a metallic smell. I think I was under so much stress that my head/ears just started ringing as a reaction.


I notice it since several years. Even got ears checked by ENT. It doesn’t bother me as much.

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A few days ago,
I heard a long beeeeep
in my left ear.
Don’t know what it is

A blood pressure medication left me with severe tinnitus in both ears. Nothing I have tried has helped so far. The white noise type hearing aids nearly made me crazy because I have ASD in addition to SZ with hyperacusis as a result. Mine isn’t a ringing so much as it sounds like someone is flexing a large sheet of aluminum and someone else is popping bubble wrap. I’m having to learn to live with it. :frowning:

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I had these type of sounds when I had fluid behind my ear drums. They told me to massage around the ears to move fluid and to take antihistamines like loratadine.

They thought that too, but did a scan for it and there was no fluid build up.

Huh. That’s weird.

It only lasts a short time when it happens.

It’s annoying AF and a real hindrance at work because I do so much on the phone.

I can imagine. Must be frustrating

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I sometimes hear ‘beeps’ in my ear. It doesn’t annoy me too much but it’s noticeable.

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yea i get that too sometimes but it doesn’t stay long for me. It’s just a while and then i get used to it and it goes away.

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I have tinnitus too…for many years. It sounds like the sound Cicadas make. It does not bother me much during the day time but at night it is bothersome.

I also visited an audiologist and ENT specialist at the ear institute but there was nothing promising they could do.
I’ve accepted that I will just have to live with it.

I did bought a book online many years ago from a guy who claims he has a cure for tinnitus. It is like 300 pages telling you what diet you must follow, excercises, etc,etc,etc. He claims it can be cured but does not promise anything