"tinnitus" do you get it?

do you get it ? the ringing noise in your ears

also if you plug your ears with both fingers(airtight) theres a ringing noise too

  • yes
  • no

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My ears ring whenever I think the voices in my head are yelling at me. I don’t hear them yell, but my ears will suddenly ring and I understand that they’re yelling.

I have the exact same thing. It scares me. I wonder how to get it to stop.

Also I wonder why it causes tinnitus. I question whether the voices do something to the nervous system so they sound like electricity ie the high pitched ringing.

my tinnitus has gotten a lot quieter I think it was from the voices

I don’t know, but the voices can cause this as well as physical reactions like feeling them touching you so they must have some control over our bodies.

they can control my body , i find you can turn the ringing noise down with your mind like by just thinking bout turning the volume down , i normally just ask my voices to turn it off , they dont always comply with my ransoms though

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