So are you really hearing voices?

so tell me something about the voices i don’t know… well here is something that could really change your view in the theme of hearing voices. Did you know that the world “hearing” really means is the sound made by someone or something. Don’t get it yet? well let me clarify i it for you a bit, when a person is really ‘hearing’ someone or something, he or she is perceiving a sound MADE by someone or something, its not like they are making it up. Ridiculous right? so now you know share this with everyone you know in less than five min and we will see how the world will change. :slight_smile:

I really don’t get where you’re going with this… I hear voices and they sound like they are around me not inside of me.

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People who have auditory hallucinations are hearing things that are not caused by any outside source. This happens due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.


oh word i think that hearing got a new twist to it in my case. <.<

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how do our ears hear something if there’s no real sound coming in? I have a hard time really believing my voices aren’t real

I have a hard time believing my voice isn’t real and it isn’t even auditory, it’s in my head. It can be very convincing.

Afaik, thoughts and auditory hallucinations are thought to be very quiet speech.

There have been famous experiments that detect vocal cord movement during both thought (e.g. Jorgensen & Binstead, 2005 at NASA) and auditory hallucination (Gould, 1948; Inouye and Shimizu,1970; McGuigan,1966), and even one that managed to amplify auditory hallucinations to the extent that they could be recorded (Green and Preston, 1981).

Bearing that in mind, humming (Green and Kinsbourne, 1989), and less pleasantly, holding the mouth wide open (Bick & Kinsbourne, 1987) have been used to reduce auditory hallucinations, whereas repeating other things such as the alphabet (Kim, 2002) and holding the tongue still between ones teeth (Nazarova, 1952; see Luria, 1964, p.153) have been used to suppress thought.

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sometimes I hear them outside of my head other times perceive them from within… do not understand the point of this hair splitting exercise…


My mom has heard her name called by her father in law who was half way around the world from her-and my dad- his son.

She was adamant and when my dad called him ( this was back in the early 1960’s) on the telephone, he answered that he was dying.
My dad got on the next flight out and his father passed away that night.

She heard him as if he was in the same room.

This happened with my mom on a few more occasions, hearing them as if right behind her in same room.

There are many ways of hearing voices that don’t have a scientific explanation, but are infact real.

Most of us just don’t have the capacity to understand this and not run scared.

There are some strange forces at work.,.

I’ve had that thought from time to time. The subconscious mind is very powerful, it might really just be our subconscious mind very quietly repeating or making connections between certain things our senses have picked up.

I read its normal to hear your name being called…shows your mind is very active… I prefer the ones from outside of my head… the rare ones I get inside my head like to have full conversations… plus if its coming from outside and I notice no one else is responding to it makes it easier to tell if its real…

Auditory hallucinations are altered perception and processing of external noise and are not actually of thought process but the mind misinterpreting external sound

While visual hallucinations are a altered perception of external vision, etc

Voice being spoken into my mind tonight: "The game you used to play as a child, diablo 2. That is the way the earth is right now. The deeper you go in the game the richer and more powerful they become. Those are all real charachters in the game and those charachters were all of you.

And of course you know who is at the bottom."

You may see many of my problems in your films: the craft, harry potter, the fourth kind, paranormal activity, the blair witch, vhs(shudders), emily rose, last exorcism, that movie with michael keaton about static, even close encounters, and also in various portions of ancient spiritual literatures.

And pan was there to.

And i floated.

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