Time going too fast

at work I tend to lost track of time but more so since I’ve come off meds.

That’s almost the best part of my job!! The time goes by so fast. There’s another great thing too. My boss knows I like drinking diet coke.There are three break rooms in the office building I work and they have vending machines with diet Coke. Lately, after I finish a task, my boss will tell me to take a coke break. So I get a soda and sit down for 6 or seven minutes to drink it.
Is this your old job you’re at? And what happens if you lose track of time?

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I’d love to have a boss like yours Nick. I shouldn’t be complaining but it goes so fast. Perhaps because I enjoy it so much :grinning:

He’s mean; but lenient. I think he gets a little lonely because he is separate from us (our crew). So he likes to talk with me.
At first I didn’t know if you thought it was a negative or positive thing that your time goes by so fast. But I’ve had jobs where I’m looking at my watch all the time. But not this one.

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