Musings #4

Work has been relatively easy lately. Or should I say the constant daily frustration with the people I work around has been minimal this week. Time to get grateful. My boss has wanted to talk me a lot instead of me working. So I get a soda and talk to him for fifteen minutes or so. It seems like a lot of people here are having a hard time. I can’t say my life is care free. Far from it. Commute: hard. Work: difficult. Future: one day at a time. Isolating. Gained some weight. Tomorrows my day off. I will try to work on my paper and do an errand or two. No news good news, right? I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. You guys shouldn’t do drugs or drink. BTDT. Made my life harder. I just keep thinking of Memorial Day. A four day weekend. Oh well, this isn’t exactly a rant. Wish I could help you guys.


I know you most likely want to just get on with your day. But it’s a good complement to you that your boss trust’s you enough and values you enough to confide in a bit.


It’s a nice break from working. There’s a soda machine right next to our janitors room. I often stop and have a soda during the day. I just mind when I run out of things to say. It’s funny, yesterday we were talking about that water-pressure contraption that James said you were thinking of trying.


Oh Wow, you were talking about the fly boarding. I do want to try it. To me it looks like fun. My brother thinks it’s the fastest way to break your neck in water. Ironic considering how he likes to surf in places I’m afraid to go.