Not sure about my new boss. A tired ramble


Well, he’s only been the boss for three months. But I wonder if he’ll make it. He doesn’t seem to care about certain things; other things he’s at a loss for words. He’s getting better though. I should relax and enjoy his style. I go in at 7:00 am as usual. He tells me to just “chill”, while he prepares our janitor cart for the day. It takes him half an hour so I am just standing around for half an hour. Now you would think this would make me happy. But a valid worry is that the Army reserve may not like my new company and cancel the contract and fire all of us. My boss is trying to be cool (which he is) and not stress us.He tells us to take our time while we work. Now if it was my old boss, I would not think twice about unscheduled breaks.My old boss worked there for ten years. He was on top of things and got things done. When he said take an extra 15 minutes for lunch break,I knew he knew what he was doing and we would finish what we are supposed too. But my new boss causes me doubts when he tells us to take it easy. He hasn’t been there long enough. Now for anyone reading this you’re probably thinking, “Man, I wish I had your problems”. And you’re thinking,“Why are you complaining”? It just worries me because it is a cushy job that I don’t want to lose.


It would seem to me that your job would be secure if it’s your boss who is slacking? Just do your best and try not to worry? Maybe you could talk to his superior? idk


If your a good worker, you have nothing to worry about.
He might even need some suggestions or help from you?**


i think thats normal, he just has a more laid back approach.
I am similar as a boss. I just tell guys what needs to get done, to take their time and do a good job and if they need a break here and there then take one. but bottom line the work needs to get done and it needs to be quality.

well i am laid back until people start messing up a lot when ive already taught them how to do something. thats just annoying lol then I become a bit of a hardass


Oh, I gave him some knowledge I had accrued over the period of 3 1/2 years. It was fun imparting my knowledge to someone else. I can see why school teachers go into the teaching profession. It’s fun to teach. Even after 3 months I still teach him things.


Sounds like one day you’ll be the boss!


I’ve actually been there the longest.