Missing time

I feel like I’m missing time. I don’t know how time can pass so fast and I get nothing done. Suddenly it has gone an hour and I did not even notice. Anyone else feel like this?


I’m opposite, lack of motivation, time goes slowly to me… to me, i wish i could be like you

I wake up early and the first 3-4 hours can pass in an instant. Admittedly I am still half asleep until I have had coffee.

some medications can cause this miraculous feeling of loss of time comes from being previously comatose recycles on the end. sometimes we are too aware of time forget the time does not always pass by

I’m always loosing time. Either I’m not paying attention or I’m frozen for a bit. There is never enough time in the day.

       I haven't dwelt much on the thought that my life has been wasted along with the time I'v endured. Instead I think that I have won the lottery just to be a part of life and am content with the feeling that "IF" this is all the life we will ever experience in all eternity and, that the time will pass by in any case, I look forward to being a witness to all that goes on here while we are being pulled along with the energy of time itself.. I mostly just enjoy the ride as long as I can. Just in observation  of how life un-folds like a flower at dawn.

Aware of the numerical hours as they pass during the day. I don’t know the month at all. The week is weak. Unaware of years passing. I can say: “I am the time.” and it is heavy.

The concept of time screws with me, especially when I am having a panic attack or feeling real anxious :clock12: :frowning:

I went on disability January 3, 2013. It seems like yesterday. Time has really gone by fast. And for most of it I have been in crisis or psychotic.

Time is going pretty steady for me

i have put secret :bear: squirrel on to the case !?!
" by the way where did you leave the time, or last see it ? "
take care :alien:

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Maybe it’s a psychotic symptom that time is missing? I get stuck listening to voices. Time flies. Feels like I’m not going to work on monday :confused:

Yeah this is a recognised sympthom

I lost time yesterday, a whole 4 hours.

My wife said I woke up at about 8:30pm the day before yesterday. I went to the couch and laid there after opening the windows and put the fan on high to cool the living room down. After (what seemed like a half hour or so I heated up some leftovers and watched a movie. The 2 and a half hour movie ended at 3:30am…

So between the time I got up and the time I heated up food, over 4 hours had passed…and I don’t know where they went. I didn’t fall asleep, I wasn’t really distracted during that time, I have no clue what happened. There’s no way I just laid there for 4 hours and didn’t notice how much time went by.

I waste huge amounts of time. There are constructive things I could be doing, but I don’t do them. I’m hoping something can help me with these negative symptoms.