Throwing Over the Tyrant of Seroquel

I have been on Seroquel for a long time, over two segments of time, several years in the 90’s, and several years on a lesser dose in this decade. I call this medication the suicide pill. It messes up my thinking and harms me physically. I am esp.throwing over the tyranny of my previous, heavy handed psychiatrist, who put me on this medication in the 90’s. Last night was my last dose. I am now looking at increased stress and inattention. I am proud of myself for throwing him over, but I’m scared of what might happen to my perceptions and feelings. This is being done under the care of a nurse practitioner. I am increasing the dosage of another medication I am on to make up for stopping the Seroquel.
Does anyone else have similar feelings about the medication they are on? You know-the doctor is abusing you, or the medication is wrong, but you can’t stop it because there isn’t anything else, or you don’t want to oppose the doctor, etc, etc.


I take Geodon and Seroquel, and I never had any trouble with Seroquel. I can’t really tell I’m taking it. That just goes to show you how different med’s can affect people differently. I do hate it when my pdoc puts me on an unpleasant medication. He is messing with my quality of life. He is ruining my experience of reality. Experience has taught me that I can’t make it without my med’s. I’d get off them if I could, but I know I can’t.

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It nearly killed me. Some people here swear by it.

I take Geodon and Effexor. Wish I didn’t have to take either, but I am much less stable without them. Don’t regard my meds as tyrants, just an unfortunate necessity.

Edit: I should mention I’m not a fan of Zyprexa. Horrible med.


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When I was on 150 to 200 mg Seroquel and 60 mg Prozac I was numb and sedate. I might have protested if I would have had the thought or energy to do so.

But I was able to return to a doc I liked and now it’s only 50 mg Seroquel with 80 mg Latuda and Xanax as needed. Now I feel I have some balance.

I hope you find something that works better for you. Good luck


I too have taken Seroquel for a long time since it first came out.
Last year I was tinkering with my dose and with husband stress went to hospital last year after several years out.

Since I do well during summers, I tinkered again. Like playing with fire I know, but I’m 57 and work full time and I’m a scientist so I have to know. I weaned myself off, and didn’t go to the doc for 2 months.

Well things were going well so I can’t blame anything but I couldn’t sleep and just stressed.
My son maybe knew and he said, why suffer? Meds are good.
So I take them again and I get mad and stuff because they can make you fat.

But I guess Its better to be happy then stressed and thin???
which is what I was when I was young.

I’ve been with my doc 20 years now and I work With her.
If anyone tried to oppose me, I would fire them. But them I’m an old nut hard to crack.

I was put on Seroquel a few months ago by my beloved pdoc and it changed my life dramatically. My longstanding irritability improved overnight. It was amazing. My good friend noticed, to both her and my delight. I am very happy with Seroquel.

Seroqeul - lots of bad side effects for me - will not take it again

Nice and chubby is more appealing than thin and mean


Followup: I am stopping the Seroquel entirely in a week. Feeling much better. Getting paranoid about stopping. My brother called me the other day and said he had noticed I was posting a lot more than usual on Facebook. I’m spending more time on the Internet in general. I’m glad he called. Getting less sleep. I’ll have to watch myself carefully until I get adjusted to being without it.

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Yesterday evening and today, I have been feeling woozy, nauseous and weak. Are these maybe symptoms of withdrawal from Seroquel?

I take it at night, cut into pieces. I get to dream like a zombie instead of deal with it during day. If you can control your medications, I would recommend it.

Thank you for your advice. I have been taking it for years. I am just now getting off it. I was asking if anyone had withdrawn from it, did they show withdrawal symptoms and what were they.

Can you get a new doctor? People change doctors all the time (though I know it can be very hard to find a new psychiatrist because there are so few).

Yes, I have changed doctors because of a move to a new part of the country.

I had the same feeling about Haldol. Life on Haldol isn’t life. I was totally dead emotionally and intellectually. I wouldn’t take it again. All the typical antipsychotics are that way for me, but Haldol was the worst. If they tried to put me on a typical antipsychotic again I would choose to be psychotic and live on the street.


Third week into it. I see the nurse practitioner today. Symptoms of withdrawal: nausea; dizziness; intestinal problems; fatigue; disruption in sleep patterns. I am suffering from all of these, to a lesser or greater degree.

let us know how you get on , I personally think you over-attribute side effects to Seroquel. Seroquel remains the mildest of all AP meds , mild in terms of AP properties ( sadly ) , and mild in terms of side effects ( which is good ). Some people are more susceptible to somnolence on the med , as well as weight gain. However it has a better profile on EPS and Prolactin.

Never say never , in terms of using this med again , is all I would say.

Is your issue with Zyprexxa , purely down to weight gain? Its a med that I could consider in the future , but I dont want to turn diabetic

crimby has it right. See his post.