Is everyone still on seroquel?

Latuda gives me panic attacks and akathisia. I might have to get fat with seroquel

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I can’t remember if I have tried Seroquel or not. I am currently on 400mg of Abilify (injection); seeking to get it lowered to 300mg so that I can better relate to my natural brain & body connections.

This dosage is currently demanding too much food intake.

Latuda did that to me too. No seroquel for me, I think it makes me crazier then I am. I take haldol low dosage, but thinking about switching because I get restless and feel flat.

That’s what happened to me.

I’m still on Seroquel but I’m wondering if it has stopped working because I’ve stopped taking it so many times. Or maybe it just never worked very well. The Zyprexa is working though.

I’m doing well on Latuda, no side effects yet. But serious lack of desire to do anything.

I’ve been on Seroquel 400 mg twice a day for years and years. I can’t really tell I’m taking it. I never had any problem with weight gain. If I quit taking it I might notice some effect, but I haven’t gotten any bad results from this drug.

I am on Seroquel and Zyprexa, gained a little weight, I think that my meds are working well.

Creepy avatar dude… :fearful:

With SZ, it’s hard to tell what is what. Is it the medication or is it your symptoms or what? Seroquel is a deadly drug for me. I’m titrating right now at 50 mg and heading downward to 25 mg. It’s no fun trying different drugs. The more you change, the worse the whole experience gets. It’s hard to know what is what. And you have the psychiatrist supervising the whole thing. They say you have to take something. You don’t want to take anything. They suggest something. What is that? It makes you feel bad. Isn’t it supposed to make you feel better? What’s going on. Is the psychiatrist your enemy? Has somebody made a mistake?

Seroquel made me dizzy and sick like I was going to pass out. What’s in it that it can have that side effect?
Scary pill for me.

All APs have potentially serious side-effects. Most that I’ve seen have sudden cardiac death listed as a rare side-effect. But that’s no reason to get suspicious about what they contain, I’m pretty sure there’s no conspiracy here. They probably contain what it says on the box.

Seroquel XR has been a game changer for me. Funny hipow different folk can have very different responses to the same med.

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Is that as an add on or just seroquel xr on its own?

I also take depixol as a depot as well. But the XR is taken at 600mg a day.

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