Threatening with hospitalisation

I think it can be abusive to keep Preformatted textthreatening a schizophrenic with psych
Such as someone you live with threatening to have you hospitalised.

My bf just threatened me with that.

His family and friends can be rather disgusting.
They think they are superior to me and can boss me about and he thinks that too.
They have had hostile vibes ever since I got here.

They are powercrazed hateful bad people that I don’t want in my life.

My dad and other wants me to stay with my bf because he thinks I’m better here but is that the reason really or does he just not want to feel responsible.

I hope he loves me and has my best interest.

Hateful people are trying to govern me n saying I’m not aloud to go to yoga by laying out hateful vibes to me.
Anything that’s good for me they try take away from me…

His disgusting friends and family are not to treat me that way and no one is to govern me.
Specially not awful jealous people like that.

I do not like his friends and family.
I think they are bad people that I do not want in my life.

I love :two_hearts: them because I live every one.

Have you been threatened with hospital by someone you live with?

Yes. It never went through though

Every time I was hospitalised it was involuntary by me.

Have you ever taken yourself to hospital psych ward?

By the way I meant to write I don’t like them but I love them because I love everyone somehow.

Possibly like some.

Anyway I do not want to be threatened.

And yes I pray for you guys and those affected by typhoon etc
But I am not a member of any religion.

Admittedly I thought Lancôme mascara is not as good as it was years ago.something changed .

I don’t know if “threatened” is the right word, though it felt that way at the time. It could be very easy for me to start to view therapy as punishment, especially the med’s. That’s true of a lot of people.

One time my doc threatened me by hospitalisation becoz i didnt do his advices
It was for my favor and i understand that
I was angry that time
But now i feel happy after i been stabilized

Maybe you should consider a break up with your BF. Or at least a cooling down time for both of you. Threatening with hospitalization sounds very condesending which make you feel inferior. If I was you, I would prefer loneliness yet peacefulness to a condesending unrespectful partner…

Yes I have been threatened with hospitalization and have been involuntarily admitted twice. When off meds I see everyone as an enemy trying to hurt me. I see the meds as poison that will take me away from reality, that what is real is what I experience when not on meds. I can’t ask for help because I don’t believe I need it. I don’t tolerate threats, especially if they are unnecessary and unfounded and neither should you. They have no right to threaten you in that way if you are reasonably well.

I’ve always gone willingly when professionals ask. I was told if I didn’t allow them to hospitalize me I could be held indefinitely, so I didn’t refuse.

Family members or loved ones threatening you with hospitalization is verbal abuse imo. Along the same lines as calling someone crazy only worse.

My family live over seas and interstate.

My parents want me to stay with him because they think I’m better since we met.

I feel rather brain damaged and apparently it’s a criminal neighbourhood with robberies and I don’t want to get raped.
If I asked the government mental health for help I would be less independent perhaps and come in to a bad sits .
My mum says they will put me in a rough neighbourhood .

I used to live in a safe neighbourhood and the home I lived in is sold now.

I am alone here except for my neigh who I can’t handle anymore.

I love :two_hearts: my boyfriend and there are positives aswell.

I do have a history of having short relationships (boyfriends)

His horrid friend is here now.
The one who he cheated on me with right in front of my face(they are both male).

I do not want his friends n family in my life I think they are bad people.
He has a wart on his di## and I have been faithful so yeah there are problems in our relationship.

I have nowhere to go though and I don’t think my sacred neigh can survive traveling interstate again.
I have to stay with her.

There are so many good things in our relationship and almost two years is a record for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

I do not know what to do but I have seen it as a peaceful loving home and I used to pray thank you for my great bf every day but did he do the same for me…
N if so where did the w### come from …

He had a Scorpio and I’m happy it died .
Sounds awful but I love the insects and hearing them so happy sing so beautifully and then go into depression?disapiintment?feeling betrayed n tricked to be fed to the Scorpio?

They come by without asking almost daily.

My boyfriend and I just bought a second hand washing machine together.

I put so much money and work and time to him and his place.

If I move out all those renovations and things we paid 50/50 will go to him and I think I’m ok with that but I can’t afford to move and my family tell me to stay with my man so they don’t seem to want to help me.

I’m getting a second hand country car as a gift soon I was told but I can not drive to most places with out help.

I bought Xmas gifts to his family and he did not pay anything but I’m ok with that .i like buying gifts and making gifts.

I bought him Xmas gifts for over $600 last year I think .
It was my savings.

This year it will hopefully not be half of that.

If we are still together then.

I am going to try to stop having sex with him and just be friends.
With the w### it may be a good idea.

I am worried of going psychotic if we break up because he has been a bit of a stability and taken care of me when I go psychotic.
Once he cooked me dinner and held my hand another time he told me to stop crying shut up he said cause he was in pain himself.

He said I get sick when I try to go vegan .

He will not let me go vegan in his house.

Maybe in the future.

I have no where to go and I feel so brain damaged sometimes I feel I need supported living and that I’m not coping.

If someone in my family came here they could move me and my neigh if she is strong enough to travel so far.
Otherwise I would have to stay with her.
She is old now and I adore her so.

I can not drive interstate without help.
I can not drive to the city with out help and there is no one here to help me unless I get driving lessons which I’m trying to save up for.

I usually f### up my relationships.

I had paranoia about my closest ones even thinking my grandma wanted to kill me and I was her favourite grandchild she said and despite dementia she always recognised my voice when I called her overseas.
She is dead and I have not even mourned her yet.

I even had it about my dog at one point.

My mum tried to kill me by drowning me in a bath tub and said I ruined her life and am the biggest mistake she ever made etc
She put men and sex before me always.
The stepdad I had used to say I don’t belong to their family.
My brothers from that relationship want nothing to do with me.
Their father put a pillow to my head and said he would kill me if it wasn’t for my brother .
He strangled me a few other times.
My mum never defended me.
I actually hit my mum once.
She hit me so I hit her back.
She was throwing my clothes away .

Parents should respect me aswell.

I do not agree with religions that say obey your parents.

I am not belonging to any religion.

I am not able to break up with my boyfriend now.

I love him but on top of that I can’t …

I was thinking if we kept being a couple but lived separately that that could work but I can’t move out.

I mind his dogs when he is out partying or and working.

The nature and dogs and boyfriend has good for me.

I think I have been a good girlfriend.
Being me.
Now that I’m sober and don’t smoke I have a bf that drinks and smokes.

His friend that’s here is a drink driving alcoholic n so is his father.

I pray for them

I just can not do anything right now.

My mum never wanted me to have a boyfriend unless it was Julian Assange she said she would be happy if I came home with him.

I adore my mum no matter what.

And the other woman who raised me aswell.
My mum would not let me talk about her because I said I missed her and cried and my mum said not to ever speak of her again in such a way that I didn’t.
When I finally got to be with her again I was a disgusting child damaged and full of disgusting behaviour and words to this woman who I held so high missed so much and adored more than I could say.

I did not live my mum less because I loved this other woman who raised me.

I love my mum with all her imperfections toothey can have their charm n her temper can perhaps be funny even her scary

So about my boyfriend.
I can not break up with him now.
For so many reasons.

I have nowhere to go.

I love :two_hearts: him and we are good to and for each other in many ways.

Yes we have problems and need to cut wa## off .lol

Thank you for your words.


The car is from the other woman who raised me I see as a parent or I don’t know what to call her right now.

She wants me to stay with my bf.

I can not do anything right now.
I can not do a break up right now.
I have nowhere to go.
No one to help me.
Can’t do it emotionally or financially and am worried of going sick again or getting hospitalised.

I don’t want his friends n family in my life.

Maybe in the future I can get help and maybe then I will move .

I bought blueberry kefir but the thought crossed my mind what if people put period blood in it.

I do not want to eat not drink that.

I once ate sh##.
A bad bf had his tubes re wired so shi# came out of his penis.

I was so humiliated because I was made to suck it and drink and swallow it.
Disgusting and no I did not enjoy it.
He loved humiliating me by asking me what country different flags belongedto country and would ask me things I did not know so I felt awful and beyond dumb.

Maybe it was a xZ friend .
He was f####

I pray for the son I had with D.
That it survived miracle etc n I pray for D.

I will try trust n professionalism and drink the kefir eat it.

Maybe I like them😮

Surely I don’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley:
Love :two_hearts: but don’t like

Darned if I know.

I love kefir.

Thank you for our kefir ,food drink etc


I have felt that or similar aswell sezbot241.

Even on medication though.

Thankfully not now.

Good that your medication is helping you.

:two_hearts::pray:t3:to n for you guyzzz

It looked like he was making out with his friend in the car.

The one he was making out with last time.
They are both male.

His friend said goodbye darling and I think I said fu## off.

Unlike me.

I think it could be some one else in my body.maybe his x even or the girl he chats with that wants him to be her man and he leads her on by chatting with her.
Or the man he kissed.

He put his hand to my throat and said to f### off and spoke about breaking up.

Still nowhere to go.

I’m really upset.

Don’t know what will happen.

I love him but …


I said fu## you not fu## off.

I have emotions and I don’t know if they are mine because I have felt others in my body sometimes.


Are you ok @SacredNeigh7?

I am worried about you, can you call a helpline or see your pdoc?


Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:
It is good to see you around again.
I hope your daughters and wife and yourself are well.

I am not feeling very well.

I don’t know if it’s the typhoon or lots of things .

A team working together can work if I worked with others to help self n others.

I get a sore right side of brain or it just feels really damaged .
Like brain damage on right side of brain and when I get it I need to lay down.

I miss my family and the irony that I was isolating from them .

I feel lots of things I can not write or explain and I feel I am not coping or don’t know how to cope.

The place I lived in was sold and I don’t know where to go etc

I want to appreciate you guys so much.
I know some here do not even have family .
N not even friends.

I would love to be good to n for if I could do something or we could help take care of each other.

I’m sorry I have been bad with follow ups of otermembers like checking up on how’s going etc

Love to you guyzzz!!!:sparkling_heart:


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I m’ sorry you don’t have nice parents or siblings. I’m worried for you @SacredNeigh7 I don’t have good parents either but I have very good siblings to whom I talked a lot almost everyday when I was tired or bored.

You need to look after yourself better.

I have great parents and siblings.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you🙂

We have had our moments.

I’m not good with socialising and relationships.